Testimonials for Wayne

I worked with Wayne for many years and he is someone who truly "lives by his words." His passion for healthy living is unprecedented and his desire to educate others on how to do the same is inspiring.
Andrea Donsky
Nutritionist, Media Health Expert, Host, Influencer/KOL, Best Selling Author, Podcaster, Speaker & Moderator
Working with Wayne and Forever Healthy has changed my life in so many ways. Wayne gave me an amazing opportunity to incorporate my ideas and strategies with Forever Healthy. He is responsible for bringing in so many superior health products into Canada/Toronto. Thanks to him and working with Forever Healthy I was able to meet and network with many leading edge experts and people that are doing great things in the health and wellness industry. I was also fortunate to watch him help and motivate clients to live healthier lives. I learned so much from him which I continue to share today. Wayne's love for educating and inspiring people helped me pursue a career in holistic nutrition. I am truly grateful for his support as a colleague and his friendship!
Jeanette Sousa
Marketing Maven
I have known Wayne for nearly a decade... and to this day I am still learning from him as a pioneer in health in wellness. Always on the leading edge... always sourcing the finest products and services available. Thank you Wayne for being you!
Charles Norman Holmes
Hemp Foods pioneer, innovator and leader
If you are looking for the most cutting edge performance in health foods and healthy lifestyle - talk to Wayne. He walks his talk - in an industry clouded by health experts and overnight professionals Wayne has been a student and teacher of healthy living for decades - knowing him for more than one of those decades.
Harish Chauhan
CEO & Founder Interactive PDF: for people to perform better, faster, easier | Learning Engagement, Change Transformation, Growth Execution Expert and Thought Leader
wayne has been very helpful in suggesting different remedies to create and enhance my good health. he is knowledgeable and personable. i highly recommend him...
Helen Goldstein
Director Educator The WORKPLACE WELLNESS ACADEMY, Corporate Wellness Trainer. Media named me "The Godmother of Yoga"
Wayne is a top wellness professional who is dedicated to antiaging and providing his clients with the best available supplements and wellness products. I strongly recommend Wayne as a speaker and also as a wellness consultant.
Prof. George Grant, Ph.D. U of T.
Editorial Board at Journal of Nutritional Science & Healthy Diet
Wayne is a modern life extension expert and an incredible source of knowledge when it comes to anti-aging, raw food nutrition, and super foods. I often refer to Wayne when I have a question about a certain superfood or product I don't know about, to get his opinion based on several decades of involvement in the natural health field.
Frederic Patenaude
Editor in Chief at Renegade Health
I've known Wayne for a long time; I can truly say he is extremely knowledgeable in his field. I found him to be a very kind and caring individual.
Debra Harding
Intuitive Reiki Master/Teacher