“2 Pure H2O” Vita Tech Water System ~ Overview

“2 Pure H2O” Vita Tech Water System ~ Overview

16 Stage Triple Purified, Alkalinized, Ionized, Magnetized, Restructured, Energized, Living Water System

Wayne’s Comments

We believe that the benefits of the 16 stage “2 Pure H2O” Vita Tech Water~ Triple Purified, Energized, Restructured. Living, Alkaline Waterare far superior to any other drinking water system. Because the water has 99%+ purification, negative ORP, multiple restructuring and re-energizing technologies, in our opinions, it has anti-oxidant properties.
The most important factor in our drinking water is that it is 99%+ Purified by the “2 Pure H2O” Vita Tech Water System!
Think twice about consuming mere filtered water, or simple alkaline water that is only filtered and not purified.


  • Our system has 16 stages vs. 3 to 5 stages for most other Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) water filter systems.
  • “2 Pure H2O” Vita Tech Water System has 3 methods of purification vs. 1 for most othersystems.
  1. Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  2. Deionization #1 Filter
  3. Deionization #2 Filter

And More!

The “2 Pure H2O” Vita Tech Water System has additional stages of restructuring and re-energizing the water including:

  1. Magnets to (i) remove toxic memory and
  2.                       (ii) Reduce surface tension
  3. Two (2) types of FIR (Far Infrared)
  4. Two (2) types of FIR (Far Infrared)
  5. The energy of 74 minerals imprinted into the water
  6. Natural flow properties

And Even More!

Ultra Violet Light with a Stainless Steel chamber to ensure sterilization of any possible contaminant as the water comes out of the 100% Lead Free Tap!

Result = 99% to 100% Pure, Clean, Living, Restructured, Energized, pH Balanced Water!

We were in Vaughan, Georgetown and Hamilton on January 24, 25, 26, 2014,
educating on our “2 Pure H2O” Vita Tech Water System.

What’s What

Triple Purified

1. Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Membrane: The “2 Pure H2O” Vita Tech Water System R.O. membrane removes up to 95 or 99.9%, depending on the type of undesirable water contaminants. Other systems’ R.O. membranes drop to approximately 85% after 1 year. Our R.O. membrane remains at up to 99+% for up to 4 years and has a life up to double that of others. Overall, ours is estimated to last from 6 to 10 years vs. regular R.O. membranes that last from 3 to 4 years.

2. Deionization #1 Filter: Removes 90% of the up to 5% remaining contaminants left after the Reverse Osmosis membrane, the first Purification Filter.

3Deionization #2 Filter: Removes 90% of the of the approximately 0.1% remaining contaminants from the first two Purification stages.


Energy is transferred to the water from a series of processes:
1. Magnetization,
2. Far Infrared Technology, and
3. Enhanced Flow Properties, mimicking how water circulates in Nature, weaving in and out of rocks in a stream, in a S-pattern, always moving.


When water is exposed to magnetic fields, the molecules:
1. Reduce in size, and also
2. Align to assume a Hexagonal Structure (a more stable water molecule).

All the steps in the Vita Tech filter, including the magnets, are adding properties back to the water.


1. Approximately 10 ppm total of vegan pure Calcium and Magnesium added after Purification.
2. Magnetization.
3. Far Infrared Energy.
4. Homeopathically imprinting the energy of 74 minerals back into the pure clean water.


8 pH is the average
, as minerals are added back into the water naturally, not by electrical energy. The pH varies, depending on the acidity of the source water.

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