Health Testimonials

I wanted to first let you know how thankful I was with your consultation and much needed direction that sorted out a particularly painful body issue that was not going away. I had no clue where the real problem was coming from and you correctly figured it out and recommended the solution. Within a matter of 3-5 days the condition vanished and I was relieved. I have come to appreciate your experience and trust over these past years along with the vast wealth of your knowledge as invaluable and has lead to my health being great again. I am very thankful.
Joe Reaiche
Former NRL Rugby Player, Dec. 2016
great news........... one week - to the day after I fractured my wrist - fracture clinic doc at the hospital looked at my x-ray and changed his prognosis!!! NO SURGERY NEEDED !!! thank you for your advice/recommendation re solomon seal, spirulina and dandelion greens !!!
Ann B.
Oct. 26, 2015
Thank you, Wayne Gendel, for helping me (and teaching me how to help others) experience the benefits of your super nutrition program! I lost weight, met all my health goals, cut my 8 hour a night sleep in half (following energy for a 4-year old) cut my gym time in half (and got the same results) and experienced fantastic health!
Kerstin Maren Schildwaechter-Doyle
June 8, 2013
I first came to Wayne of Forever Healthy in April 2010, when I had a cyst, along with major arthritis pain in my joints and overall I was feeling unhealthy. He quickly gave me some suggestions to include supplements in my day. A year later, after starting pro-biotics and plant based enzymes, the cyst is now gone and I feel great!! Thank you Wayne & Forever Healthy.
Lynn Manwar
May 2011
Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing me to fantastic foods, shakes and smoothies!!! Your high level of knowledge of superfoods, antioxidants, cleansing and overall beneficial health care products is fantastic!! There isn't a day that goes by that even strangers will comment on my clear and radiant complexion!!! I attribute it to being under your guidance. Having survived cancer, it is a fabulous feeling to know that I am glowing from the inside out. You have always been there for me Wayne, with my numerous questions and it is nice to know that you respond so quickly to my querries... You are very attentive to my needs and requirements. So glad to have connected with you.
April 2011
Thanks for checking in! Yes, it seems that you are busy and famous as well! Congratulations! Proud of you. Have told all my friends what a miracle worker you are...and one heck of a nice fellow! Things are moving along...getting kinesiologist is very proud of the progress. I am building more stamina and am generally able to go longer without taking the heavy duty pain meds. Everyone has noticed the change in me and my body...they cannot believe how well I family doctor is blown away!!!!!! I tell her about your magic...she thinks it is does my Chronic Pain specialist. You are brilliant! We will catch up when things quiet down for you... Appreciate all your support - you are a life saver!!!!! Thanks again for appreciate knowing you are there. And of course your mother is my her so much! You are truly blessed.
June 2009
Hi Wayne. Well, I seem to have gained some weight and my family doctor even commented on how beautiful my skin was....told me I looked great...have had plenty of people commenting...owe it all to you!!!!!! Worked at the physio therapy clinic today ....felt amazing to be helping out. Had a blast! Thanks for being my angel and bringing me hope and health!
Johanne W
May 2011
I have worked with Wayne for over 10 years. 1998 - 2008. He has always been professional and ever so helpful in any subject I needed! His recommendations are second to none and not only have our clients health improved and records been set with their recovery times, but my own health has experienced miracles with Wayne's guidance. I achieved every health goal within 4 months of following his program, plus a few added benefits I was not expecting and most happily accepted! Not only is he exceptionally knowledgeable, he shares his compassion for many clients knowing the pains and hardships of major health challenges. (cancers...) A true gem! I am privileged to know him and can say he is an answer to our prayers!
Kerstin Schildwaechter, Owner, Sovereign Consultants International, Ltd.
March 2008
Thank you so much for your help. I can't begin to tell you how much more energetic and alert I am more and more each day. I have been following your guidelines for the past week or so and have noted dramatic changes... Thanks
May 2005
Thank you for your suggestions, Wayne, I have learned from my mistake of over-eating raw fats! I have cut down considerably. Let me tell you again how much I appreciate your Newsletter and the recommendations you suggested in your new food program for me and my husband. Before we began using your new suggested health program, my husband went to the hospital 4 times in 35 days! One stay was for an extended 6 days. So it is now that I am emailing you after a month. Since your diet recommendations I have been closely following your program, with some input from others. I have gained back most of my energy! and even had to lessen the mg. content of the only drug I'm taking for my hypothyroid! My husband's progress is even better!! Although the drug he's taking for his arrhythmia does not seem to control it perfectly, he was able to get off 4 drugs!!!! These are his 2 Diabetes meds he's been taking for 8 years, his blood pressure med he's been taking for 4 years, and his cholesterol pill--all because he went completely raw, with great help from your program and only since Dec. 12 2003-- less than 30 days. He's lost 6 lbs. too, which is wonderful because he's at least 20 lbs. overweight and is a slow metabolizer. By the way, I showed him your last Newsletter and he sends you his congratulations for a very well written and informative newsletter. Thanks again! Arabella.
A. Benson and F. McAllan
January 2004
Hi Wayne, the cleanse went very well, I stayed on it for 5 weeks and feel much better, better elimination and digestion. Now I would like some info/help on calcium and bones. I recently had a bone density test and apparently I am one stage before osteoporosis... of course I refused the medication that the Dr. recommended... but how to take calcium? In what form, what supplements really work, and is it possible to rebuild bones.... so now I need a new regime.... is it possible to get your help... Hope all is well with you and a Happy New Year...
Ruth S
October 2003
I have been meaning to write you a note to say THANK-YOU!!!! It has been one year since you introduced me to the raw food program. Everything has been very gradual for me - first eliminating gluten foods and dairy. I am proud to say that I am now approx 85-90% raw, and I feel GREAT! I have more energy, and my food allergy rashes have disappeared. My PMS symptoms have dramatically reduced. I have lost 10 lbs without even trying to lose weight, and no more cellulite. Thanks to skin brushing - no more dry skin. Even my husband loves skin-brushing. I am hoping my hay-fever will be reduced this summer. I will keep you posted on that. Thank-you for your support. You always answer my questions and concerns. Also - I really enjoy the monthy newsletters. Your web page is a great source of information for me. I refer to it all the time. I only wish I lived in Toronto, so I could attend your various seminars. I need to keep myself motivated, so I read alot of the books you have recommended. Take care Wayne and talk to you soon.
March 2003
I've had my plate completely full (with nothing less than enzyme rich live goodness) and thank you for your insights. This is the most amazing diet I've ever been on. I can't wait to see how I feel a year from now. When are you free for a consult? Perhaps a quick one so I can fill you in. Hope you're feeling good, because I feel great!
Cole T
March 2003
I have a story to tell you... but I have to tell you... I can't thank you enough. Two years have passed since I suffered severely from a pinched nerve in my neck due to a worn disk. 3 months in bed and absolutely no strength. I gained at least 20 pounds. My energy level was so low as I experienced so much pain for so took me months until I could start lifting weights of just 10 pounds. I wasn't able to lift a can of soup over my head as I was so shaky. I was also disoriented, a very short attention span, my co-ordination was so bad I couldn't even thread a needle on the first, second or third attempt. I couldn't even apply lip pencil in a straight line or polish my nails without a lot of effort. I felt anxious and dizzy a lot of the time which prevented me from leading a normal life that I was so use to. I was even reluctant to go for a walk by myself. Everyday was different in how I felt. Different day...different symptoms. Then........I met my guardian angel Wayne Gendel ..... I was introduced to the "organic" world. In just 4 days I noticed such a change in how I feel. I can already feel more at ease with myself..... my coordination has improved and my ability to concentrate more efficiently. I'm more relaxed, I'm calm and less shaky. Every day I feel more energy. I exercise longer without being light headed and dizzy, I'm able to organize my day as before I was only able to concentrate on one thing at a time. I no longer look tired and drawn. Best of all, I have such a positive attitude which also gives me so much energy..... I'm beginning to get back into the hobbies I use to enjoy so very much.... my passion is sewing..... creating beautiful things with just a needle and thread. So tonite i sewed a dress! Just want you to know that I haven't sewn anything for almost 2 years now..... I'm certainly impressed and may I also add very excited!!! I'm so looking forward to learning more about your passion for healthy living. It's endless..... so fascinating. Thank you so much Wayne. I'm feeling FAB!!!!
Cindy Willis
January 2003
Megan and I cannot thank you enough Wayne, for your valuable info and support this past year. You obviously cared and I hope that our relationship will continue to grow. Although I hope it is no longer out of necessity. If you know what I mean. In the past couple of months I have given your name and number out to many many folks that have called me looking for advice. I intend on following up with them and again encouraging them to seek your help. Please seriously consider a Florida visit. Our home is always open to you. I know Megan would enjoy having you for some healthy meals She is an awesome healthy cook now. I promise I will not eat any bread while you are in the house!
David Trombly United States Pensacola Florida
January 2002

Wayne's Note: Mr. Tromblay worked with myself (Wayne Gendel and Forever Healthy) with diet, natural supplementation and other alternative therapies to overcome lymphoma. His results have been so impressive, the military is considering reinstating his pilot status!


I have great news and some not so great news. Most importantly, the tests this week found me to be one of the healthiest 32 year olds around. I had an MRI that showed my brain to be all there. The scan included the jaw and it indicated that the area the tumor was in is completely healed up. In fact the sinus that had a polyp in it at the time of the diagnosis is gone. My head and sinuses are in such good shape that they had to look at the name on the slide to be sure that they were looking at the same person. I assumed that would bode well for me with my fight to fly again. Not so. The bad news is that despite how well I have recovered they do not understand my therapies and therefore they did not feel comfortable putting me back in the plane. Ironic that the very therapies that spared me from debilitating side effects and organ damage that would prevent me from flying is now the reason they won't let me fly. While the decision is disappointing I have to tell all of you that after working for months with so many people dealing with cancer, many of them undergoing chemo and radiation, I have a hard time feeling sorry for myself despite how much I love flying. I have my health, Megan, whom I could not have beat cancer without, my children and one more coming that I could not have been blessed with had I done the chemo. How can I feel sorry for myself? I can't. What I do feel is a strengthened resolve to appeal to the next level in Washington DC. I hope to have a Senior Medical Board consisting of Navy Captains and a Marine Colonel review the findings of this weeks board and hopefully overturn the decision and grant me a waiver in the next 3 to 6 weeks. You have all been faithful to pray for me and support us. No matter what becomes of the flying in my future, I will always have you to thank for my health. God bless all of you.
David Trombley
May 2002
In July 1996 I attended a seminar given by Wayne Gendel about the benefits of healthy eating, and since that time I have noticed an amazing improvement in my over-all state of health. I have noticed a sizeable increase in my energy level, and now require less amounts of sleep. At times family and friends compliment me by telling me "you look healthy" or "you look good". I tell them that I attended a very interesting and informative seminar given by Wayne Gendel and since then Wayne has advised me about proper eating habits and nutrition. Before I attended the seminar, I suffered for several years from recurring inflammation of the colon & my doctor prescribed antibiotics for this problem. Now I seldom take the medication when I follow Wayne's advice. I used to go from doctor to doctor seeking relief from my colon problems as they were only able to help alleviate my condition for a short time and after I stopped taking the antibiotics the inflammation would only occur again. However thanks to Wayne's patience & genuine concern I am now able to resume more of a social life without having to worry about the social embarrassment problems that I was afflicted with due to the constant flare up of my condition. I have found Wayne to be a very honest, reputable & knowledgeable person Wayne has always been very accessible to me and willing to help me when I have a question or problem. My only regret is that if I had known about Wayne several years ago, I can truly say that he would have guided me in the right direction as that I could have avoided major abdominal surgery. However I have made tremendous progress in my state of health & I owe this to Wayne's guidance & care. Now that I have seen improvements in my well being, I have applied some of Wayne's advice to helping my father who has a neurological problem & constipation. Since my father takes Wayne's sprout shakes, we have noticed a great improvement in his energy level and his constipation is also noticeably better. The healthier lifestyle changes that I have made have proven to be extremely worthwhile for my father and me. I would like to thank Wayne for being a major source of continuing inspiration to me.
H. S.
June 1997
Dear Wayne, You are a sweet and generous guy and a great friend! Thanks for the "care" and the Omega Ray treatments.
October 1996
Dear Wayne, I met you and your girlfriend tonight on Bloor St. at the juice bar and I shared with you the fact that I have no more malignancy in my body after twelve years of fighting cancer. I neglected to mention that Jesus is the one who healed me. I sought him and he directed me to diet herbs and people like you who helped me most important though, He healed me spiritually of disease. He showed up 16 year ago when I was drinking, drugging and messing up my life. He filled me up with his powerful spirit and every negative thing I've done in my life flew out of me. I felt so clean and full of joy, peace, love. But four years later I was diagnosed with cancer but again, he helped me every step of the way. I just felt I needed to elaborate a bit on what I shared with you. I believe you're doing a marvelous work and God is using you to show people their healing path. I pray that He'll use you to help them find their physical, emotional and spiritual healing. You are glowing good health and a super example of practicing what you preach. Don't ever give up on what you're doing. You're right on.
Dear Wayne, thank you so much for your consideration and time in answering my opening query into the nature of being a nutritional consultant. I follow your development as a healer with respect and admiration, knowing the path involves growth in all areas of life: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. Both in working with you and in speaking about consulting I am realizing that it is not simply about nutrition on the physical level, that it necessarily encompasses much more. I always feel your compassion and dedication shining through your commitment to professionalism. You are such a sweetie! With lots of love, Big big hugs! Joy and hope in the eternal moment and the future.
Cynthia Mazerkezwich
July 1991
Dear Wayne, it is with great pleasure that I would write a recommendation for you. To anyone who is serious about wanting to improve the condition of their health, I highly recommend they meet with Wayne Gendel. Wayne has been an extremely positive influence on my own personal journey to good health for years. He became a more important factor last year when I broke my leg running. As a marathon runner, this is a devastating event and one you want healed as quickly and properly as possible. Wayne immediately responded to my phone call as to supplements and diet, that would promote speed with my healing process. I followed Wayne's advice and within four weeks I was able to have the cast removed. This was two weeks earlier than the doctors thought possible. As a bonus the X-rays showed a complete healing of the bone. I followed up with another private consultation with Wayne in order to be able to improve my weekend condition. I also attended Wayne's Health Kitchen Food Tasting Lecture and following Wayne's advice, I ran a complete marathon eight months after the break. It was a tremendous feeling to realize how far I had come in a relatively short period of time. Wayne's special gift is that not only does he know great nutrition, excellent products & lifestyle, he really cares about people. His sincerity & caring approach to each individual makes him very uniquely special. He takes genuine interest in seeing you develop optimal health and will do whatever he can to help you in the process. Wayne you have been a great blessing in my life! Thanks Wayne.
Denise Natishan
February 1997
I, Franco Risi, confirm that the program recommended by Wayne Gendel has been very beneficial for my health and has helped me grow my hair back from being totally bald, after only six months of following his dietary and supplement guidelines. I have enclosed the following photos before Wayne's recommendations and the photos six months after being on Wayne's program. I had tried many other health professionals' advice and Wayne Gendel's program was the only one that helped.
Franco Risi.
(This letter was translated from Italian to English) May 1997
Dear Wayne, I've been meaning to write to you for some time to express my deep gratitude for your brilliant counsel and guidance regarding the various health problems and concerns of myself, my children and my animals! You've made us aware of the right way to take care of our bodies and to insure continued good health. You have enhanced our lives. You were even able to get rid of my dog's horrible skin problem when the veterinarian was unable to. And when she developed lymphoma, you were directly responsible for reversing the cancer. Through healthful and delicious eating, consumption of wheat grass and the supplements you have recommended it is quite obvious that we are in the best shape than we have ever been, and for this we thank you from the bottom of our healthy hearts.
Ginger Howard Frieddman
Wayne, you have been gracious and you have provided the most sensible information to help me attain and maintain better health. I have tried a variety of therapies including doctor's practicing alternative medicine, herbal remedies, homeopathic, iridologists, kinesiologists, expensive supplements and more. However, they have provided temporary minor improvement or no relief at all from my illness. My husband and I are grateful to you for sharing with us the knowledge that you have acquired to help one attain and maintain better health. What you have provided that all of the others did not or would not was simply common sense. Thank you.
September 1995
Hi Wayne! Just to let you know that yesterday was two weeks when I last saw you. You were right about feeling a difference in two weeks, physically I am doing great!!! Emotionally and mentally, well not so good. Any ways, I've got Mondays + Wednesdays available to see you , please let me know, what day is good for you! Thank you!

Wayne's Note: Within 4 months of my guidance and the incredible diligence and passion for life, Mr. Jourdan's cancer was medically checked and not present. His cancer was a serious stage 3 type. After the first year and a half I was no longer consulted. He was a very quick study of the Forever Healthy program and natural health. Mr. Jourdan and I actually became close friends and business partners, because of his new found health. I would like to state here that a personal emotional and spiritual crisis, Mr. Jourdan seemed unable to overcome, subsequently seriously suppressed his immune system. His diet, emotional and spiritual states were less than ideal. I am sad to say that in November of 1999, Mr. Jourdan passed away. Cancer, and any chronic illness will most often have emotional, physical and spiritual aspects that must be addressed. Although he was aware, it seemed too much of a challenge for him to overcome.


As you are aware, in August 1995. I was diagnosed with metastastic, malignant melanoma at age 42. That period was the lowest point of my life. I contacted you, subsequently on a friend's recommendation and never looked back. Your direction, inspiration, knowledge, patience and experience have been exemplary. You have addressed all aspects of mind, body and soul, exercise, nutrition, mental attitude etc. You have been available at all times, when needed, with an approach that is holistic, systemic, total body, indeed treating at all times the cause versus the symptoms. Since that period, my life has never been better and healthier. I am beyond cancer and with your assistance on a quest of becoming nineteen again. I have and will continue to recommend you.
Issy Jourdan
March 1996
Wayne is a wonderful man 🙂 If you are into health, or just curious even, check out his (Facebook page and enjoy!
Deborah Yvonne De Groot
March 9, 2013
I first came to Wayne of Forever Healthy in April 2010, when I had a cyst, along with major arthritis pain in my joints and overall I was feeling unhealthy. He quickly gave me some suggestions to include supplements in my day. A year later, after starting pro-biotics and plant based enzymes, the cyst is now gone and I feel great!! Thank you Wayne & Forever Healthy.
Lynn Manwar
May 10, 2011
I didn't want another minute to go by without acknowledging what an outstanding job you did delivering your speech on Sunday September 25, 2011. Your reputation preceded you so we had high expectations and you exceeded them in every regard. I was delighted to see that there were so many people that recognized you and already knew you and I hope that you made some successful contacts for your business. The audience was very engaged and were scribbling notes to capture all of the valuable information and statistics that you provided. Thanks again for everything!
Karen Sencich
September 28, 2011
Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing me to fantastic foods, shakes and smoothies!!! Your high level of knowledge of superfoods, antioxidants, cleansing and overall beneficial health care products is fantastic!! There isn't a day that goes by that even strangers will comment on my clear and radiant complexion!!! I attribute it to being under your guidance. Having survived cancer, it is a fabulous feeling to know that I am glowing from the inside out.. You have always been there for me Wayne, with my numerous questions and it is nice to know that you respond so quickly to my querries..You are very attentive to my needs and requirements. So glad to have connected with you..
April 21, 2011