Magnetic Water Conditioner For Pools And Hot Tubs

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The Magna-Tek water conditioner for pools and hot tubs is a simple hard water solution to reduce the amount of chlorine required, improve water clarity and keep the equipment operating in scale-free condition.

The Benefits

Reduce Chemical Cost

Chlorine/bromine can be reduced with safety because:

1) Bacteria and algae are under constant attack.

2) The reduction of water surface tension and the increased ionic activity combines to make chlorine/bromine more effective as a sanitizing agent.

3) PH is stabilized in the range that sanitizers are more effective.

Stabilize PH

PH fluctuations (caused by either a deficiency or excess of electrons) can render the sanitizer ineffective and cause expensive damage to equipment. Proper magnetic treatment can supply the necessary electrons to the water by passing it through a powerful magnetic field. This natural, continuous supply of electrons (pH adjustment) occurs without additional chemicals.

Improve Filter Performance

Numerous minute particles (dirt, skin cells, debris, body and tanning oils etc.) get into the water, and because they are so small, simply pass through the filter and continue to build up. This makes the water dull, irritating and unattractive as well as interfering with the sanitizer’s effectiveness. This build up of foreign particles and the reaction with the sanitizer causes burning eyes, dry skin, dry hair and dangerous chemical odor. The normal process is to superchlorinate to burn off or oxidize these minute particles. Superchlorination is expensive and makes the pool/spa unusable for some time. A powerful focused magnetic field polarizes these particles and binds them together in large enough clumps to be efficiently removed by the filter system. The result is a system that seldom needs to be superchlorinated.

Reduce Pool/Spa Draining

Although water never wears out, it can become saturated with foreign substances such as foreign particles and chemicals. AquaMagna helps at two levels: 1) Particles that would normally pass right through the filter (both suspended and dissolved) take on an electrical charge that caused them to clump into larger particles (called ion floc clusters). These ion floc clusters are then filtered out by the filter system that has itself taken on the electrical charge. 2) Since less chemicals are required, there is less chemical build-up.

Remove Scale and Protect Equipment

The normal safe pH operating zone for operation of a pool/spa is between 7.4 and 7.6. Above that range ugly scale can begin to attach itself to surfaces, inside of the plumbing and on the inside of the heater. When pH is below 7.4, corrosion begins to attack the expensive metal parts of the system (heater, filter, pumps etc.) and cause pitting of the pool/spa surfaces. In addition, corrosion of the metal parts puts minerals into suspension in the water. These minerals cause unsightly stains on the pool/spa surfaces. Once stained, the surfaces must be acid bathed and in many cases refinished. The result is unnecessary expense and an out-of-service system. Magnetic treatment can extend the safe pH operating range without worry about scaling, staining or corrosion. The result is a system that protects your investment and reduces maintenance cost.

Dissolve Swimmer Waste

Skin oils, tanning lotions, skin cells and minerals in the water combine at the water line to create a “bath tub ring”. Removal of this ring requires a chemical to dissolve and hard work to remove. The chemical used to dissolve this ring gets into the water to add to water control problems. Our magnetic system breaks the emulsion of the oils in water and keeps it in suspension until it coagulates into clumps to be filtered out.

The Bottom Line

Magna-Tek’s magnetic pool system quickly pays for itself in reduced chemical cost and labour savings (applying chemicals, monitoring test results, scrubbing the sides, changing water, acid bathing etc.). Reduced maintenance adds up to real dollar savings for commercial users and more time for enjoyment for private owners. It doesn’t just save time and money in the short run. Since it controls corrosion, it adds long term protection. Although cost and time savings and protection of equipment are important, the real benefits come from clearer, cleaner and more sanitary water.