Q: Should one take vitamin supplements? – Kathy P August 3, 2001

A: Dear Kathy, Synthetic supplements provide incredible nutritional density without the caloric density they are designed to go with. It is like breathing pure oxygen. Pure oxygen will actually burn your lungs. It will make a baby go blind. Pure nutrients without the fiber, water, phyto nutrients, proteins, minerals and all the other nutrition that is found in whole food is way out of balance with our needs, and not at all natural.

There are over 100,000 different phyto-nutrients also known as nutraceuticals or phyto-chemicals in foods. This is everything other than the vitamins, minerals, proteins… but all the fibers, hormones, oils and lycopenes, and many more powerful, important natural chemical compounds that make up a whole food.

Now is it logical to think that nature grows a food with 100,000 elements and man can make a synthetic version that’s going to be balanced?

Synthetic supplementation with 3, 20 or 50 vitamins added together out of hundreds of thousands of elements in natural whole food makes little sense to me. I have never seen synthetic supplements not only used in long lived healthy cultures but we are the first generation to grow up with these new man made creations with no proof of extending life. The only substances that man should ingest are whole foods such as unprocessed vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fresh herbs and spices and essential oils that have a life force energy!

Let me ask you if you would consume something from a factory that has tar, petroleum, talc powder, formaldehyde, beetle parts, food coloring? And a stimulating energy force, and this is just some of what I have found in common vitamin supplements on the market. I sure do not believe for a moment that this is going to make one healthy with long term use. Let alone the fact that these chemicals are not foods and known to be harmful to humans.

And this is called “nutrition”? Unfortunately we are not given full disclosure on the label. Vitamin and mineral supplements are one of the most deceptive myths of so called “modern nutrition.”

Unless you have a severe illness, I recommend not to take synthetic vitamin supplements ever. My experience is that most people taking synthetic supplements for a long time begin to have digestive and stomach problems as well as constipation. Is it any wonder trying to digest all these non-food fillers like tar! Just take a spoon and put an aspirin or vitamin tablet on the spoon. Take a cigarette lighter and light a flame underneath and watch what happens. You will likely see black tar after 2-3 minutes. That is the same tar as you drive on. It is not on the RDA! When tar, petroleum talc powder, red dye color # 2 make it to the rda (recommended daily allowance) then I will be just as shocked as you! Just to let you know, it is never going to happen!

If the body does not need it, does it make sense to ingest it? I encourage you to use your God given logic, intelligence and instinct. To balance the diet I recommend fresh squeezed juices, chlorella, spirulina, green kamut wheatgrass powder, sea-vegetables, probiotics, and herbs. Real whole food supplements!

Eliminating white flour, white sugar, regular salt, overeating which make the body too acidic. This makes the body have to reduce the acidity by using up our alkaline minerals. Year after year of this depletes the body of its own mineral reserves from teeth and bones… So eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to prevent leaching and provide the richest source of real nutrition! Add some of the above mentioned whole food supplements and see how they can provide you with added natural minerals and real life force energy, not synthetic stimulation!