Tips for beating the Flu

Q. Do you think the flu shot is neccessary for anyone?
A. No, Never! And I mean Never, whether you are healthy or sick! Would you ingest formaldehyde, mercury and disease bearing bacteria? In my research only 10% of flu shots given out actually prevented the recipient from getting the flu! There are hundreds of strands of virus and only two or three chosen by “Scientific Guestimate” are prevented. Not very good odds in my opinion, where a strong immune system works 100% of the time. Read our article on Vaccines here.

Forever Healthy’s philosophy is that virtually in all cases we are blessed to have al the necessary, powerful, natural essential oils, herbs and foods to keep us healthy and boost our immune systems. Use a Healthy Diet, Herbs, Super Green Foods, and Pure Essentail Oils to keep your immune system at its peak!

Q. Why do people get more Cold and Flu in the winter?
A. This is because in the colder seasons we tend to eat heavier foods, overeat, not excercize as much and consume less liquids which makes our system more sluggish and succeptible to various infections.

Q. How do I insure I keep hydrated when I’m not as thirsty?
A. Minimize your consumption of diaretics such as alcohol, sodas and coffee and increase purified structured water, herbal teas (libden, fennel, chamomile are very good in the winter), fresh-squeezed juices, and to get maximum absorption magnitize your liquids with Magnetic Energy Cup.

Q. When I do get an infection, what can I take to overcome it as fast as possible?
A. Top five products we found for boosting your immune system to overcome and prevent infections are Bio-Safe, Amla C, Microhydrin, Agrisept and Oil of Oregano. Most importantly take Bio-Safe, which is a blend of 8 top quality essential oils, topically on affected areas and if it’s a cold or flu rub it on your throut and breast and inhale continuosly for few minutes. Also take Amla C which is one of the very few truly natural Vitamins C available and is 12 times more absorbable then any synthetic counterparts.

Q. In a summer I am outdoor and active, what can I do for exercize in the winter time if I don’t want to go out in the cold?
A. There are many options available. Visiting a Fitness Club, indoor pool, tennis or scating, yoga, dancing and making love with your partner more often are all excellent.

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