Social Outings

Q: What would you do when your friends think that you are weird because of your raw foodism? What would you do when you are happened to be at Italian restaurant with friends who never ever understand raw foodism and/or even vegetarianism? Kelly

A: It all depends on a situation and my mood. Kelly, of course I am always sincere, and sometimes have fun with it or sometimes, if I prefer not to talk about it, I just say that I am only hungry for this food today. Sometimes I tell people that I try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables like every doctor and government health official in the world recommends we do!

One of my favorite responses is to tell people that humans are the only organism other than domesticated pets that eats our foods so processed and cooked, and we are also the sickest species on this planet! That usually makes people think!

Certain other cultures that eat more fresh raw foods are much healthier with virtually no instances of cancer (now more than 1 in 3 in North America), diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity (64% of North Americans!). In life I believe we are partly here to learn and grow and also to render service to others. And if I can help someone who ‘wants’ to know more of what can help them, then I am ecstatic to do so. If they are not interested, well, I respect that also.

Often times for instance if I go to a movie theatre I might bring my own food. Almost every time the usher will say that it is not allowed! I just kindly respond by saying I am on a special diet and if they have any further issues with that to send the manager in the theatre and I will be happy to explain. Never once have they sent in the manager! Nobody is going to tell me what I can and cannot eat. Many people have severe allergies and can not just eat anything that is sold in most stores or restaurants. So you can say that you feel so much better only eating foods that agree with you best.

Try to remember one thing. If they are truly your friends they will support you. If they do not and continually make a big deal about it, tell them you would appreciate that they take time to understand how important this lifestyle is for you! That would be like your making fun at them because they don’t listen to the same music you do! If they do not respect your wishes you have to decide if you want to be around such behavior of your friends and family who choose not to accept your ways. If you make a big issue of it they likely will too. If you don’t, they will likely bring it up occasionally, and perhaps in a humorous way. Being a healthy example is the best answer as to why you eat the way you do!

Personally I have family members that used to make a little fun of me but now they ask for my advice when they have a question or get ill. There are many people who don’t want to change or listen. Again, we have to respect such personal choice.

I do admire you for being strong and following your heart. No matter what you do in life just be thankful you have an open mind to things and do not have to have anyone’s permission to follow your instincts, feel what you feel and do what you know is best. Hope this helps!

Wayne Gendel

Client’s Response Letter

Dear Wayne,

I appreciate your informative and helpful answers! I agree with every advices you have given me 🙂 Yeah, like you, I have family member who always made fun of what I eat and believe in..but now he shows interest in my raw foodism and admires me for being able to continue raw-food diet and my skin. I love the way I eat and I really feel grateful about this. I always would like to inform my family and true friends about the benefit of raw-foodism and how great, energetic, and healthy I feel. Yes, I admit it had been difficult for me to follow my heart and instincts due to lack of support and lack of information and knowledge about raw foodism…

I feel great and glad that I have chosen this path and my lifestyle. I am grateful and proud that I am a vegetarian and a(although not 100%, but 70%) raw foodist. Because I used to be careful about my intake of minerals and vitamin, I asked you a question about the Vitamin B12 and iron before. Few weeks ago, I went to see a family doctor to do a blood test and the doctor said that I have a normal level of vitamin B12 and iron. I was glad to hear that.

I feel that I am still in progress level to a perfect raw foodist as I am looking forward to learning more and more about being healthy and raw foodism in future. Thank you again for your helpful answers and advices. Take care of yourself. Regards,

Kelly Min