Salt Cravings and Low Sodium Diet

Q: I am a (approximately 70%) raw foodist for about 3 years now. I have following questions: Do you, as a raw foodist, sometimes crave salty foods? Do you believe in the benefit of low sodium diet? I think that raw foodism leads to or is related to low sodium diet. (Whenever I crave salty foods, although I believe in low sodium diet, I eat/drink soya bean or miso soup). Thank you very much for your time. Regards, Kelly

A: I find that I don’t often crave salt myself. By consuming high mineral foods and eating less salt, I feel better and crave less! I find with myself and most clients I consult, that once we are off regular table salt (which is by the way 25% sugar!) for one month and then have it again……’s awful! It is so irritating, very acidic, leaches minerals from our bodies, and 1 ounce of common table salt retains 7 pounds of liquid in our bodies!

Because it draws moisture it is very constipating in the bowel. It is very important for women who want soft vibrant skin to avoid salt because it will dry our skin and make us look older before our time! So Kelly, if you are craving salt, you need more minerals in your foods. I suggest you try to eat more fresh raw vegetables, greens, fruits, and drink fresh squeezed juices.

One recipe I found great for supplying extra minerals to your system is ‘vegetable tea‘ recipe that works well for clients who are craving salt, sugar or any other unhealthy foods. See recipe here, it tastes great too!

I suggest that if you are still craving salt use Celtic salt in place of regular salt. It is a more natural, sun dried, unrefined form of salt that is hand harvested, not heat processed, not bleached white and has no added sugar! It contains over 80 naturally present minerals and does not irritate as much.

Honestly, I find that unless one avoids salt as much as possible, it is virtually impossible to get to the higher levels of health! Regular table salt is so damaging and unhealthy. Please don’t take my word for it, just omit it from your diet for one month and then taste it again, and watch your reaction! Your body will be so sensitive to it and not want it!

Lastly we use a product called Concentrace. This is a liquid added to purified drinking water or juices. It makes water taste great! These are natural minerals from a Utah salt bed. The minerals are in ionic form which is a very small size molecules, such as the minerals that naturally occur in our fruits and vegetables. The minerals are not only very inexpensive ($17.95 bottle lasts a month or more), but also may help to crave less, feel better and have harder nails.

Stay Forever Healthy!