Red Wine

Q: How bad is having red wine OCCASIONALLY- isn’t it supposed to be good for you? – Grace P

A: Wine is the only alcohol I recommend in moderation. Wine is fermented, but at least it is raw and has enzymes to enhance digestion. Red Wine is not pasteurized or boiled at high temperatures! Although there are links to cultures that have lower incidences of heart disease while consuming red wine, there are many other factors that may be more important, such as eating little or no animal proteins for dinner for example, as well as many more discussed in our Life Extension Lecture.

Any alcohol does damage cells on contact. Red wine is just the safest alcohol provided it is organic and sulfite free! My recommendation is to not consume more than a glass (4 ounces) a day!

There are many new supplements coming to market are trying to get grape skins and grape seeds extracts because of their reputed powerful anti-oxidant properties and ability to keep cholesterol levels in check and even lower them! The problem is the best results come from fresh grapes and not from high temperature processed extracts! Only one product in my research has true cold pressed extract with medical studies behind it!

I feel it is one of the best researched natural supplements available today to reduce cholesterol and it has shown great results with fibromyalgia, MS, chronic fatigue, athletic performance, fat loss and more. It is made from herbs and enzymes and is truly a natural product.

Provex CV is taken 1 time daily for 1-4 months, and the results are impressive. A 95% success rate at eliminating 50% or more of the plaque in the arteries!

Dean Ornish found in a study that 70% of 12 year olds had some arteriosclerosis – that is plaque in their arteries! This is absolutey shocking! One can only imagine what most adults have! This is due almost entirely to an incorrect diet of over processed, genetically altered, non-organic, hydrogenated trans fatty acids and hormone enhanced foods!

So it is safe to assume that unless one is eating abound fruits and vegetables and little or no heated, processed trans fatty acids from pasteurized dairy foods, margarines, hydrogenated oils, processed snacks, and overeating there is a certain risk at developing this condition at some point in life.

I have mentioned many times in the past, humans are the only organism of the millions on this planet other than domesticated pets and some zoo animals, that eat our foods processed, altered and over cooked thus having such a vast array of illnesses and living shorter than our intended lifespan!

Animal foods do not cause high cholesterol or triglycerides. To illustrate my point I experimented for 1.5 years eating 2 meals daily with organic cream, milk, cheese and fish. My cholesterol before I started was 2.7 or 104 on the U.S. scale. I usually range from as high as 130 to 100. After the 1.5 years of eating fish, cream, cheese, etc. I measured my cholesterol and it was 2.6 or 100! My secret was that I ate the animal products raw! Not pasteurized or cooked! So the highly refined foods are the culprits, not good quality animal foods consumed in moderation.

So in moderation I believe quality sulfite free organic red wine is fine and much healthier than many other harmful foods.

By Wayne Gendel May 25, 2002