Q: My mother just had radiation treatments for cancer, what can she do to neutralize the harmful effects of the radiation? – Donna J

A: Sorry to hear about your mother, but there are ways to minimize the negative effects of radiation poisining. First there are foods that can counteract the harmful radioactive isotopes elements.
1. The most powerful food for eliminating radiation poisoning is sea-vegetables. Kelp wakame, arame, dulse, nori, hijiki. These seaweeds are high in alginic acid which chelates the radioactive poisons and helps eliminate them.
2. The next best food source is Chorella and Spirulina food grade algaes. For more info on Chlorella and Spirulina, click on the direct link to our super foods page. There is a study on the people poisoned in Russia at the Chernobyl accident years ago in which people who ingested the food grade algae had eliminated the ill health symptoms. The Algaes work like a sponge in chelating and eliminating the poison.
3. Other foods that will help are: apples (pectin) and high fiber foods such as raw fruits and vegetables, as they are highly alkaline and will remove the acidic radiation. Also beets, bee pollen (only one brand we currently recommend is Ambrosia), garlic and sunflower seeds.
4. The best herbs are Siberian ginseng and Chapparal. I prefer North American ginsengs as they are usually stronger and better balanced due to growing in harsher climates making them stronger survivors.
5. High chlorophyll foods such as Chlorella, wheatgrass juice and other dark leafy greens.
6. On a physical level the following is highly recommended each time anyone gets a treatment or even medical x-rays! Taking a bath with 1 pound of baking soda and one pound of sea salt. Optionally 2 cups of food grade hydrogen peroxide 35% solution and grated ginger will also work wonders. Soak for 15-25 minutes and no more or less for full effect. If the water is de-chlorinated that would be great, but these ingredients are powerful enough to counteract the chlorine.
7. I came across a treatment in February called the Oxygen sauna available at the Oxygen Bar at 2044 Yonge Street in Toronto, 3 blocks south of Eglinton on the west side. I think it is quite powerful! The oxygen gets right into the skin and the amazing thing is that at the end you are cleaner than from any shower you would ever take. So when you do it you do not have to shower, just towel off and go your way feeling relaxed but energized!
Best of Luck and my prayers!