Protein Supplements and Creatine

From: D Skweres
Sent: Sunday, April 23, 2006 9:34 AM
Subject: 14 year old athlete for sport nutrition

Q: Hi Virginia,

My son is very active in sports for high school and also plays rep ice hockey. He’s been asking for protein powder to help with his performance recovery and endurance. What Whey protein powder with Creatine would be best for his age and are vitamin & mineral supplement advisable too, he has a hard time with swallowing pills. So he needs liquid or powder form. Would you be able to recommend something. thank you for your time.

Tthanks, Dawn.

A: Hi Dawn,

That is great your son is so active! We at Forever Healthy are not fans of whey powders and creatine. Here is why: they are not whole foods and are often full of synthetics and synthetically derived ingredients. So they are stimulants not a whole food life force. Whey protein often has de-natured protein and its by-products and is heated, not to mention it is from a cow.

We personally do not consume any whey products or creatine or any such synthetic protein powders on the market. Creatine is not a natural food! Its synthetic. So it has to have side effects which could include diarrhea, nausea, dehydration and much more.

This is what we recommend to help the body heal, re-build, repair, provide energy, endurance and is pure, raw, whole food, rich in nutrition and minerals. By the way, Dr. Gabriel Cousens ( has found that raw protein has 50% better utilization than cooked, denatured, synthetic protein powders!

Living Harvest Hemp Protein is 50% protein. It’s easily digested and comes in 3 flavors. Plain, Chocolate and Vanilla.

Raw Power by NFL (Natures First Law) is a 5 source protein powder. Includes Hemp, 2 kinds of Maca, Brazil nut powder. Delicious!

Maca Extreme by NFL powerful maca powder (can be mixed with hemp or raw power or any smoothie etc). Maca contains natural steroidal properties, therefore, improving endurance, stamina, energy during the workout or sport. It also helps with balancing hormones. We have put people on this that used to use synthetic steroids and they got results!

SPIRULINA by PURE PLANET is 65% Protein! (tab or powder)
rich in minerals, vitamins, complete vegetable protein source, rich in B vitamins, especially B12, helps provide immune and glandular support and acts as a super food multi as well.


We can tell you that individuals thrive on these foods, even body builders that switch from other products to raw whole foods notice a substantial difference in overall feeling. Over and over again, these help to provide energy, endurance, performance, repair. We distribute NFL and Living Harvest. You will also find the products in health food stores across Canada in coming months.

Hope this helps! Regards,

Virginia Pumphrey, Forever Healthy Product Support, Nutritionist, (edited by Wayne Gendel)

P.S. Dawn, When I hear the word creatine I want to add the following because I think of muscle builders. Eating a whole raw food diet will only allow a person to gain a limited amount of muscle mass unlike the many huge totally unnatural Body Builders today who consume whey, creatine… Not only do many of today’s pro and amateur athletes take steroids but the results can sometimes be deadly as we know. Liver and heart problems and tumors are the main side effects of steroid use. I absolutely do not believe that being massive is healthy. Massive muscles are not only (in my opinion) unattractive and unnatural, but consuming massive amounts of protein is not a natural diet.

To have strength has little to do with size. Jack Lalane 90 years young and still in awesome shape and many stand alone physical feats of strength, Wiley Brooks (raw foodist) squat lifted 1,200 pounds and weighed only 150 pounds. Lance Armstrong and many others can attest to lean and mean winning over size any day! So just in case your son is a body builder, hard work and a smart 80% raw fresh food diet will be a winning start to his physical fitness!

Please Live Forever Healthy!