Q: What is the best way to combat bad PMS? I’ve been hearing so many stories about this theory and that theory……. how do I know what to believe? A.B.

A: Well yes, there are many theories and remedies, and some work. The best way is to follow what others that are free of PMS do. PMS, Pretty Magical Stuff 🙂 is due to a toxic body. Period. Nothing more or less. A woman’s body has this magical built in cleansing mechanism, and the PMS is just the excess toxins that build up and store in the tissues getting into the blood stream and causing an imbalance of hormones. Mood swings, cravings, fatigue, cramps, body pain are all symptoms associated with PMS.

Number one approach is to clean up one’s diet. If anyone can prove me different, I am all ears! If you are looking for a scientific explanation, I can do more of that some other time.

I have successfully helped many clients overcome this condition very easily. It is sad to see a woman suffer from this when it is very simple to remedy. In a matter of weeks most feel better. The worst cases take 6-18 months to correct. In average cases, symptoms disappear the first 4 to 8 weeks. I can assist the client in most cases eliminate the symptoms in a matter of months. A good deal after years of discomfort!

Although diet is the ultimate solution, herbs, whole food supplements and essential oils can greatly accelerate the results. Plenty of vegetables are called for here. This is the best way to begin. Another issue is the fact that so many of the products we use from toothpaste to skin care to even our foods and supplements can be loaded with synthetic chemicals that mimic our hormones. These chemicals, commonly referred to as xeno-estrogens, organo-chlorines and excito-toxins (ie. synthetic sweetener aspartame) over stimulate our nervous systems in the extreme mimicking conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

When a woman chooses healthier chemical free body care products and eats more natural foods, this greatly helps to alleviate a big part of the reason for PMS. Then with the help of herbs, essential oils and whole food supplements the rest of the problem (if any) can be eliminated transforming Pre Menstrual Syndrome into Pretty Magical Stuff.

Be well and stay Forever Healthy!