Lifestyle and Dietary Factors

Q: Wayne, I have been reading your web site for the last year, and I confess I find your articles full of sense and pointing to the truth. I write to you because I note you follow a lifestyle, as I guess from your “quotes” about your diet and exercise, as I read in your FAQ and articles sections, and by other way, you advise a “softer” or “milder” form of it to
your readers/patients.

I would like to know why you don’t eat pulses or grains, nor fish, neither eggs, and your say people are doing well if take that in a good prepared way (sprouted, raw…) Besides, in your products grains/legumes are important ingredients!?

And about long-lived cultures, are a good scientific evidence of your sentences, or only is a romantic point of view about their lifestyle? (I’m not criticizing you, I would like to read some good references, the kind of Okinawan’s people and their well documented lower caloric intake). I’m seriously interested in some of your manuals, but I don’t decide to ask for
them while I am a bit hesitated.

What makes me doubt what a good diet and lifestyle would be. Is raw the important thing? Is caloric restriction? Are the ingredients? I will be pleased you take a bit of time for answering me.

I am subscribed to your newsletter, and realize you have a lot of sponsors and don’t see where is the edge between your commercial interests and your good health advises (which I think are worth). Excuse my English; I’m Spanish and maybe I make some mistakes when writing. Sincerely, – William Martin Bragg

(Vive cada momento como si fuera el único; sé consciente de que no importa en absoluto.)

A: William, thanks for your e-mail.

You say I advise a ‘milder’ form of my lifestyle to my clients. I only do so in transition. but I do advocate 80% or more raw! Some people can make a change to 80% or more in weeks, some take months and some take years. All depends on the person’s health and age. Many can get to a healthy level within weeks. To me that means 80% raw or more!

Scientific facts reveal that the body has many negative reactions eating more than 20% of a meal of cooked foods. Pancreatic stress and an increase of white blood cell count in the digestive tract! These are just two of the negative reactions that take place (for more please see Cooking in the Raw Manual and/or attend our Cooking in the Raw and Life Extension lectures).

I do NOT recommend beans or grains or dairy! As a treat occasionally, sure once in a while is fine, but not daily! They are too hard to digest. And the proof is that clients notice a difference within days, if not immediately.

Sprouted grains in transition are fine in moderation. Otherwise if cooked they are concentrated carbs and hard on the pancreas and blood sugar. The sprouted grains and beans in our Perfect Food green product are pre-digested with a special fermentation process and are much easier to digest than if you sprouted them on your own.

A humans meant diet is fresh fruits and veggies, and nuts and seeds. People feel better and more energy when they are off beans and grains ASAP!

You don’t have to ever believe what I write. I only tell from my heart and after 25 years diet experience and client testimonials. Years of clients results and references speak for themselves! I think I have pretty good results and references on what works. Even my mom noticed results when she followed my advice!

After years of reading hundreds of books and trying out many ways of eating, I believe I have the best overall balance of what is working for humans, 99% of the time. I do however recommend that if someone wants to eat fish or meat or dairy, I suggest they do it RAW! NOT pasteurized and cooked. RAW animal products in transition digests 60% faster than cooked and I can show people how to make raw animal foods (meat, fish and eggs) taste great!

What is more important is that a client does not overeat. “Under eating cooked is better than overeating the wrong raw!”

You mention I have sponsors, and if I am interpreting your English correctly you say you feel I may have a biased view because of the products I offer. William, I (Forever Healthy) make 100% of my choices on any product I carry, not because I have to but because I feel it is something that is pure, raw, wild crafted or organic and will assist people in a healthier lifestyle. As well I only carry the best rated products in their categories. I have no money sponsors. Health companies rarely pay people to endorse/sell their products, because the markets are much smaller than most commercial products. But that is changing as more people find natural 100% whole foods products are not only healthier, but stronger and more effective than ever before!

For instance I have found 100% success rate with Red Marine Algae for helping with cold sores, shingles, Epstein Barr – clients find it works. I have also gained excellent success with Vegan Flora and Immuno Care. I receive NO endorsements at this time. I would however accept them on any and all products that I believe in.

I started Forever Healthy with a passion to help people find the truth. I have been endorsing whole foods, natural 100% whole food supplements and eliminating chemicals in our diets and body care products since I was in my teens.

Regarding longevity references

1. Eating a diet that uses less energy to digest raw foods is going to extend one’s life, providing they are not overeating and eating correctly.
a) hormone output drops when human overeat cooked foods.
b) hormone output drops when humans overeat cooked or raw fats. Cell damage occurs when eating cooked fats!
c) raw foods take less time to digest and eliminate than cooked foods. For example over the years the average client I see eats 80% or more of their diet cooked. They have 5-7 bowel movements a week. On average a client has 12 symptoms of ill health, from low energy to dry skin, to sugar cravings, to headaches and more.

Raw fruits take approximately 30 minutes to pass through the stomach and 8 hours to eliminate in a healthy bowel.
Raw veggies take 1- 1.5 hours to pass through the stomach and 8-10 hours from the bowel. Cooked veggies 2-3 hours in the stomach and 12 or more from the bowel. In fact overcooked veggies such as in soups are EXTREMELY constipating! The fiber is deactivated by over-cooking!
Grains take 3 hours through the stomach and 15 or so to eliminate from the bowel.
Raw meats take 2.5 in the stomach and 15 to eliminate from the bowel.
Cooked meats take 4 hours or more and 18-36 to eliminate from the bowel.
Raw fish and meats are preferred if one is going to eat meats.
Please consult with me before consuming raw animal meats as there are a few things one needs to be aware of before consuming!

If you have been reading our newsletter for the past year I am sure you heard me mention many times how I refer to healthy bowel movements. If I can help people understand proper body function, then we can all understand how to prevent ill health!

2-3 bowel movements a day is NORMAL and HEALTHY! A constipated colon is the number 1 issue in unhealthy people! Having 5-7 bowel movements a week when most people eat an average of 3-4 meals a day or 21-25 meals a week is NOT HEALTHY! It makes one think where are the 14 or more meals a week going if they are not being eliminated?

Many people think if they do not have 2-3 bowel movements and they exercise that humans burn off the food. You have to eliminate the fiber! Humans burn off calories! NOT FIBER, the food does not just disappear! This is NOT NORMAL, healthy humans, healthy babies and healthy animals in nature have a 1:1 ratio of food/meals to bowel movements.

Normal bowel movements, less digestion time on an 80% raw diet (which I can assist someone reach in the 1st or 2nd consult) people find not only they have more energy but need on average 1 hour less sleep! If the raw food is in your body less than cooked it logically makes sense that one is not only going to have more energy but less wear and less
toxins because the wastes are eliminated much quicker!

2. Calorie restriction: Roy Walford is one scientist well regarded for his low calorie diet life extension studies. He found a 38% increase in longevity in rats that consumed 10-40% less calories than normally fed rats! Gabriel Cousens’ new book “Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine” refers to a study where they experienced an 80% + extension in lifespan!
3. As a minimum, someone on an 80% or more raw food diet (eating meats is not as much a factor as eating lots of raw, and not overeating cooked foods), does not overeat, and eliminates commercial chemically loaded personal care products (lotions, toothpaste, hair care…) from their lifestyle will have proper body function, minimum chronic stress (defined in the Life Extension Manual), and will be 95% ahead of the entire world population for living longer, healthier lives!

There are other factors in health and longevity that I cover in the Forever Healthy Life Extension Manual. I put all the common factors of the longest lived and healthiest cultures around the world in this manual. I even tell you 10 + ways to release more growth hormone everyday naturally! No Supplements! No Equipment!

I personally guarantee that you will get 99% of the information on what to avoid and what to do to live longer and healthier all in one short 30 page manual!

William, if you purchase the Forever Healthy Life Extension Manual and are anything less than completely satisfied, I will refund your money ANYTIME! 100% my personal Guarantee!

I hope this makes things more clear for you!

My Forever Healthy motto: “Eat 80% + whole organic pure fresh ripe raw plant foods!”

William your English is 100% better than my Spanish! So hope you understand my English!

Please Live Forever Healthy!