Just Barley and Green Kamut

Q: What is the best way to take Just Barley & Green Kamut?
A: Just Barley & Green Kamut is best taken on an empty stomach, either 20 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after so that the food does not interfere with the digestion and absorption of Just Barley & Green Kamut’s nutrients. It is also best to mix Just Barley & Green Kamut with either cold or room temperature liquids, as hot liquids will destroy the active enzymes.

Q: Is it possible to overdose on Just Barley?
A: Just Barley is not a drug but rather a whole food extract made from freshly squeezed barley grass. It is unlikely that you would ever overdose on Just Barley anymore than you would overdose on green salads.

Q: Will Just Barley & Green Kamut be helpful for losing weight?
A: Yes, Just Barley & Green Kamut have only 20 calories per serving along with an abundance of nutrients. If you are in a weight loss program, your body will benefit by taking Just Barley & Green Kamut. It provides vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and proteins, minus fat and with practically no calories. It has been suggested that Just Barley & Green Kamut could be a nutritious meal replacement.

Q: Can I use Just Barley & Green Kamut as a meal replacement?
A: Nutrient-rich Just Barley & Green Kamut are a perfect supplement for a weight loss program. As mentioned earlier, it may be substituted for one meal during the day. However, Just Barley & Green Kamut is a dietary supplement and not meant for use as a meal substitute on a permanent basis.

Q: Can I use Just Barley & Green Kamut for fasting?
A: Yes, Just Barley & Green Kamut are the perfect dietary supplement for fasting because it supplies essential nutrients but is low in calories. Also, its protein and complex carbohydrates provide energy for metabolism.

Q: What does Just Barley & Green Kamut do for you?
A: Just Barley & Green Kamut gives you superb natural nutrition in a glass. It provides you with an abundance of active enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll and other important phytonutrients in a natural medium. Good nutrition means delivering the necessary nutrients to your cells, neutralizing toxins and protection from free radicals. Just Barley & Green Kamut and each of our other products promote and enhance each of these components of good nutrition.

Q: What are enzymes good for?
A: Our bodies use enzymes for everything ranging from digestion to regulating hormone production and are the catalysts for all metabolic activity in the body. Without them life would not be possible. Even though our bodies contain thousands of different types of enzymes, most foods we eat are processed and cooked, which renders them devoid of all enzymes. We can obtain active enzymes from fresh, raw food. Just Barley & Green Kamut is a source of hundreds of active enzymes.

Q: Just Barley & Green Kamut makes me feel so energetic. Does it contain any caffeine?
A: No, Just Barley is made from organic barley grass juice, which contains no caffeine and Green Kamut is made from kamut and alfalfa which contain no caffeine. Just about everyone who has taken Just Barley & Green Kamut for a week or more notices that their energy level has increased. This is not surprising because Just Barley & Green Kamut contains many phytonutrients that are known to help produce the source of energy for the body, ATP. Unlike caffeine and other stimulants that actually deplete our energy stores, Just Barley & Green Kamut increases the ability of our cells to produce energy and will not interfere with sleep or relaxation.

Q: How much sugar is in Just Barley & Green Kamut?
A: Just Barley & Green Kamut contains very small amounts of naturally occurring plant sugars. Just Barley & Green Kamut is safe for anyone who is concerned about blood sugar levels. How long does Just Barley & Green Kamut retain its nutrition? Just Barley & Green Kamut is viable for, and has a shelf life of, 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Q: Does the barley in Just Barley contain gluten?
A: No. The powdered juice is taken from the barley grass and not the barley grain. The grass, unlike the grain, does not contain gluten. None of the ingredients in Just Barley contain gluten so is safe for people who are sensitive to gluten.
Q: Why is Just Barley & Green Kamut so green?
A: The “green” is from chlorophyll and assures Just Barley & Green Kamut’s fresh and viable nutrition. Barley grass and wheat grass naturally contains a high amount of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has many healthful features including its ability to act as an antioxidant, detoxifier, and anti-inflammatory agent.

Q: What does the chlorophyll do?
A: The chlorophyll content of Just Barley & Green Kamut is a natural detoxifier and helps eliminate toxins from the intestines and other tissues. Because it is a natural detoxifier, it also aids in reducing bad breath. Chlorophyll also acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. There is also scientific evidence that chlorophyll may increase oxygenation of our tissues by increasing the formation of oxygen-carrying red blood cells.

Q: Is there a difference in the chlorophyll you buy as a supplement versus chlorophyll you obtain from natural sources like Just Barley & Green Kamut?
A: Yes. Just Barley & Green Kamut contains all the benefits of chlorophyll in its natural form. It is extremely difficult to isolate chlorophyll from green plants; therefore the chlorophyll in many supplements is in an altered, unnatural state.

Q: Does Just Barley & Green Kamut have detoxifying properties?
A: Yes. Just Barley & Green Kamut contains chlorophyll and other substances that promote the release of toxins from the tissues so they may be expelled by the body. This is a natural process that must occur on a daily basis so that the body does not accumulate toxins.

Q: What does a detoxifier do and how might this affect me?
A: A detoxifier helps to “escort” toxins or poisons out our body. When detoxifying, you should drink plenty of water to dilute the released toxins for elimination. You may experience gas bubbles, skin rash, itchiness, and muscle tightness, which are all signs of poisons exiting the body. After one to two weeks, the system should be cleansed and the skin and internal body. Please consult a health care professional before embarking on a detoxification program.

Q: What are antioxidants? What do they do?
A: Antioxidants are certain phytonutrients that neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are oxygen-containing molecules that are extremely reactive and cause damage to our cellular membranes, DNA, and blood vessels causing them to function improperly. Antioxidants neutralize these free radicals before they can do any damage and thus help to maintain normal functioning of the cell.

Q: Do your products have the same concentration of nutrients that a multivitamin does?
A: Just Barley & Green Kamut and our other products each contain a greater diversity of nutrients than multivitamins do. It is this combination of many nutrients working together that allows our products to give you the ultimate in nutrition just like nature intended.

Q: If I take Just Barley & Green Kamut, should I also take other supplements?
A: If desired. Just Barley & Green Kamut provides important nutrients in addition to those you obtain from a healthful diet. Generally, there is probably no need for extra supplementation but individuals have their own needs and preferences and there may be added benefit in taking supplements in addition to Just Barley & Green Kamut.
Q: Is it okay to take multi-vitamins with Just Barley & Green Kamut?
A: Yes, you may take multi-vitamins along with Just Barley & Green Kamut. Just Barley & Green Kamut is a natural whole food product, which is derived from fresh barley grass and will not interfere with your multivitamins. In fact, many nutrients are known to work together synergistically; nutrients utilized in conjunction with one another may have a more beneficial effect than if taken individually.

Q: If I take other supplements along with Just Barley & Green Kamut, will I overdose on vitamins?
A: No. Just Barley & Green Kamut is a whole food extract and as such is compatible with any supplements you are taking. Generally, whole foods do not contain excessive amounts of any particular nutrient.

Q: Can I use Just Barley & Green Kamut as a prenatal supplement?
A: Yes, Just Barley & Green Kamut provides a rich balance of essential nutrients. One serving of Just Barley & Green Kamut is equivalent to a salad of dark green vegetables as far as nutrition. It is a safe, natural, and nutritious supplement for prenatal care.

Q: Will Just Barley & Green Kamut upset my stomach?
A: No, Just Barley & Green Kamut are mildly alkaline and helps to balance an acid stomach. If you have a chronic stomach condition such as excess stomach acidity, please consult your health care practitioner.

Q: Where should I store Just Barley & Green Kamut?
Just Barley & Green Kamut should be protected from moisture, sunlight, and excess heat. It should be stored in its own jar in your cupboard with the lid tightened securely. We do not recommend storing Just Barley & Green Kamut in the refrigerator where condensation may occur and cause nutrients to oxidize and break down.

Q: Can I make up a large amount of Just Barley & Green Kamut and keep it in the refrigerator?
A: Not advised. Active nutrients are released when Just Barley & Green Kamut is mixed with the liquids and should be taken within 10-15 minutes after preparation. When active nutrients are no longer protected by being in a dry state they will begin to oxidize and degrade.

Q: Will taking our products with meals hinder their effectiveness?
A: It is fine to take our products with or without meals. However, to absorb the maximal amount of nutrients in Just Barley & Green Kamut and our other products, it is best to take them on an empty stomach since food will prevent a portion of their nutrients from being absorbed into the circulation.

Q: Will Just Barley & Green Kamut cause diarrhea or constipation?
A: Just Barley & Green Kamut will help rebuild healthy intestinal flora and therefore may have a positive effect on regularity and gas. Just Barley & Green Kamut has traditionally been used to promote regularity and does not cause constipation.

Q: Is Just Barley & Green Kamut okay for children?
A: Yes. However, we suggest that you give young children and infants a reduced serving size in proportion to their body weight. For children 10 years or older, a regular serving size is fine since, even though they weigh less than adults, their metabolism is generally higher.

Q: Is Just Barley & Green Kamut okay to take if I have kidney problems?
A: We know of no reason not to but always check with a health practitioner regarding medical conditions.

Q: Where in the digestive tract is Just Barley & Green Kamut assimilated?
A: Assimilation begins in the mouth, and continues in the esophagus, stomach, and intestines, i.e. all along the entire gastrointestinal tract.

Q: How fast should I drink Just Barley & Green Kamut?
A: We recommend drinking Just Barley & Green Kamut just like a regular glass of water. It is best to finish it within 10 minutes after mixing to prevent oxidation of the nutrients.