Juicing FAQs

Q: Why should we juice our fruits and vegetables as opposed to just eating them?

A: A very good question. This is the number one question we are asked about juicing. The answer is actually quiet simple. Liquids, such as purified water, herbal teas and fresh squeezed juices, move through the stomach in 10 minutes and are eliminated through the kidneys in about 2-3 hours. Fresh squeezed juices have no fiber but are loaded with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and phyto-nutrients.

The human body was designed to eat 1-4 small meals a day. Solid foods take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours to digest and up to a total of 8-24 hours to be eliminated through a bowel movement. It is then logical to assume that the body uses very little energy to digest liquids and a great deal more energy to digest fiber meals! It would be pretty hard to eat 5-10 pounds of carrots but you can juice and drink them!

We believe juicing is the most efficient and healthy way to supplement one’s diet and improve energy. And fresh juices taste great! Juicing is one of the fastest growing and most widely accepted additions to a healthier life style.
Fresh juice = minimal energy maximum nutrition!

Q: Which juicer is the best for home use?

A: Hands down is the Marathon Juicer! Higher extraction, low speed motor for highest retention of enzymes, and the easiest twin gear juicer to clean! In tests on yield, the Marathon versus the Hippocrates (which is rated 2nd) juicer with carrots and celery, the Marathon yields 20%+ more juice! This juicer has a much higher extraction rate as compared any juicer tested! Even more than the acclaimed Norwalk juicer. The juice even tastes better! Depending on how much you juice, the Marathon juicer is going to save you money and give you the greatest amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes! More juice = more nutrition and money saved!

Q: How do the centrifugal type juicers compare to the twin gear juicers?

A: The high speeds of 2,000-6,000 rpm versus 80-110 rpm with twin gear juicers, create more heat, thereby possibly causing a loss of enzymes and a high susceptibility to oxidation (spoiling). The juices from centrifugal and high-speed juicers usually have less yield, have less vitamins and minerals and more sugar water! This could actually worsen your health. This can put stress on your pancreas. The high sugar content can also aggravate arthritis and cancer, whereas the higher mineral content from quality juicers can actually alleviate arthritis and many other serious health conditions. The Gerson clinic, a world renowned cancer clinic, found that their clients did very well with the better juicers such as twin gear juicers and Norwalk press juicers, but many clients actually having relapses with the poor quality centrifugal juicers! The exception is the Breville 800JEXL is a great centrifugal juicer yields more than other centrifugals! And a great starting juicer!
Twin Gear juicers = higher yield, more nutrients, best value.

Q: Why are minerals important for our health?

A: The minerals are important because they actually buffer your blood sugar and also are a big anti-oxidant factor in fighting toxins on a cellular level. Minerals are the battery to fire off energy in our cells! Dr. Max Gerson created a natural cancer program back in the late 1950’s. He found that when some clients left the Gerson cancer clinic and were improved and/or in remission, and went home and used a centrifugal juicer, they actually had relapses because the juicers yield dramatically less minerals! They quickly improved again when they got back on the juice from the slow turning juicer he was recommending.

Minerals are the key to cutting cravings, and maintaining great health! Minerals are also what is missing in most peoples diet of poor quality and highly refined foods. Please also consider that in tests when conventional produce was used for juicing they found pesticides in the juice with centrifugal juicers. When a slower turning twin gear juicer such as a Marathon is used they found the pesticides stayed in the fiber and were not detected in the juice!

We find juicing to be the best supplement when taken with a green foods such as Wheatgrass powders, Spirulina…. Because juices are in liquid form and have no fiber, they take virtually no energy for your body to digest. In fact liquids go through the stomach in ten minutes and eliminate from you body in a few hours. Fresh juices are in your blood stream in minutes giving you more energy and absorbable utilizable nutrition. I highly recommend that people with chronic illnesses get on fresh juice as the high volume of useable minerals, radically boosts the immune system. More minerals = more energy, boosted immune system!

Q: Do I have to buy a separate juicer to make wheatgrass juice?

A: No. The twin gear juicers such as Marathon, produce very high quality wheatgrass, dandelion and other green juices. These juicers are also ideal for those who love to juice herbs and other wild grasses. The Hippocrates Institute, Gerson and myself/Forever Healthy have had just phenomenal success with clients juicing a variety of green juices in regaining their health! Juiced greens are just about the best single source we have found for boosting, cleansing and rebuilding the blood, increasing one’s energy and improving women’s and men’s skin to a healthy, youthful glow!
Juicing produces results!

Q: Are there any other benefits of using the new twin gear type juicers?

A: Absolutely! Norman Walker was a pioneer of juicing therapy and lived to the advanced age of 109 (some claim 118) years! In his testing he found that when juice was extracted from a juicer that had a slower turning motor of 80-110 rpm, the twin gear juicers such as Marathon and the Norwalk press, the harmful pesticides and herbicides actually remained in the fiber and not the juice! Fast turning centrifugal juicers could actually contain harmful pesticides in the juice! So in addition to being safer, these new twin gear juicers actually attain higher nutritional values, great yields and better tasting, chemical free juices! Twin Gear Juicers give the highest yield, most nutrition and can save you money!

Q: Which juicer is right for my needs?

A: If you are healthy, on a budget and you expect to juice only a few juices a week, then the Breville 800JEXL juicer will be a great beginning juicer. If on the other hand you expect to juice 2 or more times a week, and have had a long term health problem or a serious condition such as cancer, obesity, heart disease, arthritis, low energy … Through extensive testing and research at Forever Healthy, we have concluded and therefore suggest the Marathon juicer due to its higher quality and higher yield of juice. And it will save you money by requiring less quantity of fruits and vegetables. The Breville Juicer is fine if you juice 1-2x a week, the Marathon juicer for any illness, highest yield, or overcoming a health challenge!

Q: The number one question we get asked is why juice and not eat the whole food?

A: Solid food takes 30 minutes – 4 hours to digest and use large amounts of energy from our bodies and 8-24 hours or more to eliminate. The human digestive tract was only designed to digest 2-4 small meals a day. It would be pretty hard to eat 20 pounds of produce but you could juice it! Can you imagine eating every hour? But you can juice every hour! Its just to taxing to your digestive tract since it takes hour to digest meals. Juicing only takes minutes to pass through the stomach and is totally eliminate in 2-3 hours!
and get all the nutrition that you can in an easily digested liquid form. Plus fresh squeezed juices taste great!

In-between meals juices are wonderful at getting the extra nutrition we need to boost our immune systems! We have recommended therapeutic (2 litres daily) juicing for many years with excellent success. I personally have fasted on just fresh juices for six weeks. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had. After losing 20 pounds and by the fifth week, I actually gained back 7 pounds on my sixth week! What an experience!
We have helped clients who had multiple sclerosis, cancer, diabetes, obesity, ulcers, chronic fatigue, colitis, crohns and many other serious health problems. And we have assisted many clients who were ill with the flu, get up and out of bed feeling alive again in a matter of 4-24 hours with freshly squeezed juices.

Another benefit of juicing and specifically using the Marathon twin gear juicer is the availability of the strongest anti-oxidant to the human body called hydrogen. Hydrogen is abundant in freshly squeezed juices as well as in essential oils. To fully benefit from this hydrogen, you must consume the juice within 10 minutes. Fast turning juicers destroy this important factor for boosting the immune system. We recommend 2 glasses daily to improve your health. In cases of chronic conditions we recommend up to 2 litres daily. The pioneer of juicing was Norman Walker N.D. Dr. Walker had 1-2 litres daily and lived to the age of 109 in the early 1980’s. Some reports even say he was 118 years young! Juicing = Minimal energy to digest, concentrated nutrition!

Q: Juicing and Cancer

A: According to the Gerson Institute, a world wide cancer research and treatment centre. Excess inorganic (chemicals) sodium invades our cells and causes free radical damage to a cell. FRESH Juices are so loaded with extra natural potassium that drinking 2 litres a day is such a powerful anti-oxidant, people feel more energy and boost their immune system dramatically and fast! Potassium draws the excess sodium from the cell! It could be the single most effective supplement for overall health! Juice and feel the boost!

Q: Anything else you recommend for advanced long term juicing?

A: I will answer in four parts:

  1. I recommend for those that want to drink a large volume of juice but have a challenge juicing every day, I recommend a good quality Vacuum Sealer. High pressure removes the air that can oxidize juice and helps preserve it to last up to 48 hours! Therefore you can juice two days worth or even save juice you did not finish by vacuum sealing in quality glass mason jars. Vacuum sealers are also great for saving quality fresh foods as well!
  2. #1 Health Insurance! = Fresh Squeezed Juices! Extra nutrition in fresh, delicious tasting juices!
  3. Twin Gear & Organic = Norman Walker, the father of juicing, who lived to 108 (118 some reports not confirmed) found that juicing in slow rpm press or twin gear type juicers, that the pesticides were not in the juice! but stayed in the fiber! Another great benefit of using a Marathon twin gear juicer! Note: I still highly recommend organic produce as it is proven to have 50-300% more nutrients than non-organic)
  4. Hydrogen = is the most potent anti-oxidant for a human yet discovered. Fresh juices consumed within 10 minutes of being made, will ensure one attains the most hydrogen from the juice. After 10 minutes the hydrogen quickly depletes! Drink your FRESH juice when its FRESH!