Healthy Kitchen Manual Questions

Q: Hey Wayne! I have some questions. I was reading through one of your manuals and would like some clarification.
Thanks a bunch! – Laura.

1. Why do breads need to be toasted well?
Makes them more alkaline. Although I recommend going gluten-free in the beginning, but ideally I think people should be off grains and beans ASAP.

2. How do you know if carob powder is raw or not?
It will say “raw” on the label. Raw Carob powder is very hard to find. I found it once from Hawaii, it was so delicious, so naturally sweet! Although you can buy the bean and grind it up raw yourself, a small amount of roasted carob occasionally is still a far better option than chocolate!

3. You don’t recommend tamari–why why why?… how about wheat-free?
Too salty! I ONLY RECOMMEND CELTIC SALT or BRITANNY SALTS that are naturally sun-dried. These are much easier for the body to break down than common table or common sea salts! Braggs Liquid Aminos or ‘Raw’ wheat free Tamari is an option to substitute regular Tamari.

4. I freeze my grains so when I grind them into flour they don’t get too hot. Does freezing affect the nutritional quality of the grain?
Sprouting is the most nutritious way to eat your grains and second is dehydrating. Freezing lowers nutritional quality. In order of worst to best methods of food preparation are as follows: microwaving, frying, barbeque, baking, steaming, freezing, dehydrating, fermenting, sprouting, ripe and raw! Again, I highly recommend getting off all grains! Eating them sprouted is preferred. Next best is a cooked carb, such as organic sweet potato, squash, yams and potatoes. These are a far better cooked choices over cooked grains.

5. What’s wrong with airplane food? I don’t like it but what’s wrong with it?
Most of it is cooked and preserved, it is not organic, and finally microwaved. Basically, virtually the worst quality food next to fast food and TV dinners! Have you ever been wowed by airplane food? I take my own fruits and veggies with me virtually everywhere I go! Then I never have to sacrifice! Too much cooked food causes white blood cell increase in a human body, so try to eat 80% raw foods 90% of the time!

6. When soaking grains and fruit overnight should they be covered and/or refrigerated?
When soaking for sprouting, room temperature is fine. Use lots of extra water as the grains will absorb plenty of the water. You do not have to cover them unless there is a lot of dust or chance a pet might get into them, but you rinse them off after soaking. Remember, you can use soak water to give to your plants. Otherwise discard as the phytic acid/enzyme inhibitor coatings render them slightly poisonous to humans and animals. If you refrigerate the items you are soaking they will not sprout. 45F is too cold for sprouting. To reduce sprouting time and to speed up the sprouting process by 4 hours, you can soak in warm water at approximately 115F.

Please Stay Forever Healthy!