Healthy Diet

Q: What, in general, is the best diet for an average individual? – Leonid Barenblit

A: Although we are all the same in our basic physiological make-up, there are big differences in the way our body responds to certain foods. Numerous factors need to be addressed when composing a perfect diet to suit an individual’s needs, however it would be beneficial for everyone to be aware about many very basic food facts. The following list was composed in response to a few people asking this very same question. It should be taken as a guideline and in no way a perfect diet for everyone. It’s best to always be attentive to your body’s signals and adjust your diet accordingly.

Things to Avoid

Refined Sugar – this means white and all kinds of brown sugar, corn and all kinds of cheap syrups, candy, pop, ice-cream, all kinds of commercial idesserts…

Artificial sweeteners – aspartame, saccharine, sucralose, etc. and all products that contain them such as diet pop, gum, etc.

Cooked Fats – cheap oils, margarine, shortenings, all products with them such as baked higoods, salad dressings, chips, fries

Salt – regular and sea salt, soy sauce

Unless you get off these products and start using their healthy substitutes you can never experience Great Health!

Commercial Animal Products – meats, dairy, eggs and farm-raised fish (full of artificial hormones, steroids, antibiotics…)

Processed Foods
GMOs – Genetically Modified Organisms
Microwaved Food
Canned and Packaged foods
Too much cooked food (more then 50% of diet)

Roasted and/or salted nuts and seeds, Peanuts and Cashews

Glutinous grains – wheat, oat, barley, rye that includes spelt, kamut (sprouted are o.k.), cous-cous, bulgur

Refined flour, white rice, pasta, etc.

Synthetic Vitamin and Mineral Supplements – These are stimulants, not natural for human physiology, too acidic, hard to assimilate and will create imbalance over a period of time

Overeating or eating late at night
Not eating regularly (unless fasting)

Stimulants – coffee, black tea, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs (both medical and recreational). These products are fast-fixes that lead to imbalance and illness.

Things to include

Natural Sweeteners – Raw Honey, Grade C Maple syrup, Concentrated fruit juice, dried fruits and Stevia. Stevia is a plant extract from which is up to 200 times sweeter than sugar and can be used as a completely natural and safe sugar and art. sweetener substitute including baking

Raw Fats – Avocado, Cold pressed flax, pumpkin, hemp and olive oils, young coconut juice, olives, durian fruit

Healthy Salt – Celtic sea salt, Bragg Liquid Aminos, Bernard Jensen Quick Sip and Broth Mix (goes very well on air-popped corn with some flax oil), salt free seasonings such as Spike, Onion and Garlic Magic, herbs, spices

Organic Animal Products – Small amounts (4-6 oz) of organic meat and ocean fish, organic eggs – Raw! (ask about our delicious fruit-egg smoothie recipe). Raw, unpasterised dairy products usually available from local farmers

Fresh Foods
Fresh, organic, seasonal produce, a lot of greens, sprouts, especially sunflower sprouts, fresh, ripe fruits ideally
70% raw – 30% cooked
80% alkaline – 20% acid

Raw almonds, hazelnut, walnut, pecan, macadamia nut, sunflower, pumpkin, hemp and sesame seeds

Gluten free grains – brown rice, millet, quinoa, teff and amaranth
Non-Gluten pasta is o.k. as a treat

Natural, Whole Food Supplements – Green Kamut, Pure Synergy, Chlorella, Spirulina, good probiotic supplement such as Nature’s Biotics, Vegan Flora, Herbs, Essential Oils

Eating small, regular meals
Last meal no later than 3 hours before bed

Herbal tea, fresh squeezed juices.

In general try to always eat organic and fresh food, don’t eat on the go or when stressed.

A good beginner tip is to base your lunch and dinner on a large salad (be creative with this, there are all kinds of veggies, sprouts and olives, and seeds, and … Lettuce is not where it ends!). Have raw fat and either protein (such as organic meat, eggs, raw cheese) or carbohydrate (such as non-gluten grains, yam, squash, sweet potato)

Snack on baby carrots, sub-acid fruits (apple, grapes, papaya, mango, berries), sunflower sprouts, nuts and seeds, dehydrated treats.

When you follow the Natural Laws, reward is always greater than the challenge or sacrifice that you initially may have to endure. Your body is magical, you will very quickly have clearer and smoother skin, regular stools, less or no infections, abundant energy and peaceful mind. Of course some exercise and meditation are great activities to speed up your health journey.

If you have any questions, want to do a cleanse or overcome a particular health challenge call us to schedule a consultation or visit our lectures.

Be in great health and enjoy yourself!