Headaches and Diet

Q: Wayne I have eliminated many foods from my diet and yet I still sometimes get headaches. Any suggestions what I can do? – Marianne H.

A: Marianne, I would recommend that you eat a very simple diet for 1-2 weeks to lightly cleanse and give your body a rest from allergenic foods. I would recommend this every 6 weeks for a year. By eating lots of vegetables and minimal fruits, some healthy fats, you should be able to keep up your energy yet let your body cleanse gently.

I will assume as well that you do not smoke or drink alcohol and that you have eliminated common allergenic foods such as dairy, grains, refined sugars and the like! Eat plenty of large salads with healthy dressing made from hemp or olive oils and avocado and some fresh fruits.
If possible even fast for a few days if you can on just fresh squeezed juices and Spirulina.

I highly recommend to get checked by a reputable chiropractor to make sure your spine and neck are in alignment. I was in car accidents 25 years ago and still can on rare occasion get a headache from my neck being a little out of proper alignment. I am lucky enough to be able to just take a few minutes and stretch it out!

I even heard of someone who was getting headaches every time they shopped for produce in a store here in Canada called “No Frills” because they spray chemicals on the produce!

Other possible sources of your headaches:

Check your home for radon gas leaks? Test kits are very inexpensive?
Getting plenty of fresh air at work and home?
Dry cleaners? Loaded with chemicals!
New or very old fabric furniture?
Recent house remodeling?
Skin and hair care products? Here I highly recommend getting Aubrey Organics or Weleda
Cell phone? Get a tachyon phone disk and a QLink pendant for protection. Minimize your use! Or get a cell phone that has a speaker phone in it.
Proper posture? Your work chair? In your home how old is your mattress? Is it too firm or too soft?
Perfumes? Use pure essential oils! They are cheaper and much purer smelling than polluted commercial perfumes!
Supplements? Medications?
Emotional Stress? Relationships?
Diet? Eliminate allergenic foods! Eat lots of vegetables! Let your body cleanse occasionally!
Try taking 2-4 plant digestive enzymes on an empty stomach. You should be able to eliminate the headache in 10 minutes with just the enzymes if it is food and/or liver related. By going over every item listed here you should be able to eliminate your headaches in a short time. Keeping a diary of your daily activities is ultimately the way to totally uncover every possible clue to the cause of your headaches. Best wishes!