Halitosis- and burning, puffy, painful ankles and feet

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Do you have any suggestion to relieve the symptoms of burning, painful and swollen ankles and feet especially in the summer? Also I have had problems with severe halitosis for the past eight years or so. Any suggestions for treatment.

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A: Ulysis, Thanks for your email.

If Halitosis is chronic, then the colon is constipated! As well the puffy and painful ankles also suggest the colon is in need of a cleanse, and soon! I can refer you to many natural health practitioners that believe that 80% of health problems are due to constipation!

When the body cannot get rid of puffiness, the body is retaining too much water and is toxic from the colon being distressed trying to hold too much waste. The body should have 2-3 bowel movements a day such as healthy animals and healthy adults. We should be releasing what we consume. 95% of people I have consulted that have serious health problems do NOT have proper bowel function!

Many people consume 3-4 meals a day and might have 7-10 bowel movements a week! This is just not enough! What happens is that the bowel is not eliminating many meals each week! Let alone many people go 10, 20 or 30 years with an improper functioning bowel! If the bowel is not releasing the food contents are staying in the colon too long. Similar to old garbage in your garage in the hot summer, the aging food is starting to rot, ferment and smell!

If the colon is not eliminating this waste the contents are leaking back into the body! Hence the bad breath, bad body odor and symptoms you describe! These symptoms in an average case scenario can be eliminated in a few days up to a few weeks. In older people with long term constipation, it could take 3 months or more.

A diet high in fiber and some colon cleansing are the fastest way to eliminate these symptoms and overcome the long term chronic problem! I have recommended colon cleansing to hundreds and hundreds of clients with great and fast success.

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