Government Conspiracy

Q: I don’t know what you think of government conspiracy, but this guy (David Icke) seems real. He says president Bush is a reptile and so is the Queen of England… That is why they play these war games to convince us we need one rule, well I rule my self. I can’t stand the fear put in news… well the people I used to call my friends think I am nuts, thats Ok I love every one. Now I am meeting some people who are slowly waking up and have chosen not to sleep any more. Safe journeys, Rob

A: Rob, since the beginning of time there has always been good and bad. I imagine its because some people are tempted thinking there is an easier way to do things even if it is immoral. Awareness is important! VERY important. I choose to be aware as well. I think we have to make the decision what information is pertinent when we are aware, and not get too caught up in theories!

There is so much positive information we all can learn which can enrich us and help us grow! I believe focusing on personal growth and seeing where your heart leads you is something we are not taught in school! Some never learn this! It’s so important! Sounds like you are on that path, being a practising example of who you are and what you stand for!

Integrity! When its all said and done, it does not matter how many cars or homes one has, but the passion behind our integrity is what you have to your name when we leave this consciousness. I am glad you are seeing that you “rule yourself”. Making your own choice is what I am interpreting here, if I may do so. Hopefully more people will do this. To make a choice to be happy, healthy, fearless, aware, knowledgeable truth seekers and spread our own gifts back to others! Change takes place in an instant.

As you say some are waking up – that is good. What I hope I am achieving with Forever Healthy is to help people overcome unnecessary suffering! Emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually, and find more personal fulfillment! And yes, because you are changing some people are in fear and some might choose not to be in line with your new awareness. We have to respect people’s choices. Sometimes people just grow apart and your friends might choose not to follow, and that is ok too.

I hope you follow your heart and stay positive. Do I believe in conspiracies? To me conspiracies or whether Mr. Bush is a reptile or not is irrelevant. Remaining positive and optimistic and focusing on this is more the issue to me!

My suggestion regarding information:

1. Be aware
2. Know who you are
3. Follow your heart
4. Have integrity. Do what you say and say what you mean!
5. Avoid getting caught up in conspiracy theories – sure by all means be aware!

By doing your own good for rendering your gifts of service, you will help move the planet forward!
Please Stay Forever Healthy!