Fresh Juice

Q: Since I don’t have a juicer yet, for now can I use the carrot juice they freshly squeeze in front of you at the supermarket, and if so, how long will that juice last in the fridge? – Grace P.

A: Grace I suggest two important points to consider regarding fresh squeezed juices:

1. For maximum therapeutic value I recommend drinking the juice fresh within 10 minutes of pressing. It is proven that the hydrogen in the juice (hydrogen is the strongest anti-oxidant to a human body) starts to deplete after the first ten minutes. This is especially crucial for those who are critically ill with cancers and other chronic challenges, as they need the freshest foods to boost the immune system!

2. For general health, fresh squeezing the juice and adding half a lemon juiced per 16 -32 ounces, works well to keep the juice fresh. Another beneficial tip is to fill to the top single serving, 8-16 ounce, small mason glass jars to minimize the air inside.
It is best to consume the juice within 36 hours once it is made from a twin gear or press type juicer.

I only recommend the three following juicers for long term use. For two reasons:
1. They have the highest yield available in a home juicer which saves money!
2. They have a higher mineral content! Which means more nutrients for great health!

Samson Ultra and Green Star twin gear juicers and the Norwalk Press would be a distant second choice.
Max Gerson, a pioneer of juicing therapy, found that when clients used the wrong juicer on his program, many people with chronic problems often had relapses! This was because they were not getting juice from the proper juicer!

Properly juiced fruits and vegetables and properly consumed fresh sqeezed juice can greatly boost one’s immune system! Juices are an excellent source of minerals and vitamins in an easy to digest form. Juicing 4 apples and drinking in between meals as a supplement is very efficient way to get extra nutrition, as opposed to eating 4 apples! Cheers!