Food and Supplement Additives+

Q: I have been given a ginseng and cactus nectar liquid supplement. Honey and sodium benzoate have been added to retain its freshness. What is sodium benzoate? Please Advise. Thanks, Nadica.

A: Sodium benzoate or benzoate of soda, chemical compound, C6H5CO2Na, colorless or white crystalline, aromatic compound; the sodium salt of benzoic acid. It is soluble in water and is used as a preservative in foods and beverages. Because it is poisonous, the concentration is limited by law to 0.1%. I highly recommended to avoid unless it is urgent. Please don’t let the .1% mislead you. small amounts add up! and accumulative when we ingest chemicals all day long in the products we use!
I believe that There are so many ways to take products that avoid the use of chemicals.
Side effects of use can be the following;
Continual vomiting, feeling of faintness, rapid fall in blood pressure, shortness of breath or troubled breathing, unusual drowsiness, irritability.

There can be many other fillers and chemicals in the personal products we consume.
Unfortunately many are not listed on the label! To me this is a moral injustice that companies hide cancer causing and harmful ingredients from being listed on the label!
And North Americans wonder why woman have hysterectomies, breast cancer, early menopause and symptoms so bad they need HRT (hormone replacement therapy)!

Good News! I am here to inform you that you have a right to know what is in any product whether a food supplement or a skin care product.
So I would like to share with everyone a way to get the ingredients on any product you are curious to know about.
It is very likely that if a company does not tell you what is in their product, I suggest you choose a reputable company that has nothing to hide!

Some of the products that I suggest you ask about are the following:
vitamins, minerals, packaged foods, skin care such as lotions, perfumes, make-up, lipsticks, hair care, any body care products!

When you call any company ask for the technical department. If you talk to the receptionist you are most often going to get the reply that “our product is great! our product is pure.”
then just read verbatim the following but make sure it is to the technical department!

“I would like Full Disclosure of all active and inactive ingredients, in all stages of processing from raw materials to the finished product, including temperature, any or all solvents used in extraction, preservatives, binders, fillers, coatings, anything synthetic. I would like to request the following information be emailed or faxed to me. Thank You kindly.”

You can mention that you are very sensitive to ingredients. They then usually ask which ones you might be allergic to so i recommend saying, “many and new ones all the time.. so if you could just provide the list it would be greatly appreciated.

Then if you are so inclined, you may go online and search the words they will list for you.
most you can find on a good search engine such as google or yahoo.
also you may purchase the Food Additive Book and the Cosmetic Additive Books

available online and you can purchase a copy for your reference!

The good news is you can choose whether you care to buy the product. After researching a few products you will find that there are only a few known brands of skin care hair care, toothpastes, shampoos, nail polishes, body lotions…. that are 99% free of harmful chemicals and what are known as xeno-estrogens/organchlorines. They mimic human estrogen, and high levels of estrogen are associated with cancer!

Is it any wonder that cancers rates for woman and man that use polluted personal care products are higher than those who do not use these products! The incredible amount of harmful chemicals in most products is astonishing!
These chemicals are the number one cause if infertility in North America!

I would like to share an interesting story of a client who came to see me 4 years ago.
She was having trouble conceiving a child and was telling me how she was going to spend $2,000 a month! to do a medically supervised fertility program.
After asking her how long that would take for her to become pregnant, she said from 6-9 months. I offered her a money back guarantee and said I believe I could help her within 9 months and for a total cost of less than $1,000 and that her labor time would be 4 hours or less.
So she agreed and did 75% of what I recommended.

Upon my advice she did improve her diet, took a few natural supplements and eliminated the chemical and harmful skin care products! I also recommended her husband use the healthier personal care products.
One thing she was not ready to give up was her smoking.
I did recommend one of only two brands of natural tobacco and she did at least switch brands! Interestingly enough in my research, I found that Indians do not get cancers at the alarming rate men and women in North America do.
In fact on Oct 3 on the Today Show, they mentioned that the number one and number two causes of cancer in women are lung and breast cancer and that the smoking was linked to both cancers!

Well my client conceived the child within the 9 months.

At this point she came in for her second level consult and our pregnancy program. When she came to see me she was telling me of a supplement her doctor and from my understanding virtually all medical doctors recommend this supplement to most pregnant women. The supplement is called Materna. If you click on the Materna link, we have listed all the ingredients that are in this product.
I hope this makes you realize the deception that can go on with supplements industry!
I feel that if you know these harmful ingredients are in a product that is your choice to take the product! In fact it is believed that still over 25% of the population still smokes in North America and we all know what commercial tobacco can do to one’s health! But when we do not know what is in a product because the law protects the manufacturer! well to me that is not fair. so I am hoping you research your products and or purchase our list of safe products to consume!

In all the years i have asked a company for full disclosure, only one time I was not told what was in the product. At that point I asked the tech person,
“would you take any product without knowing what is in it? He just went silent for a few seconds and said, “well i am not permitted to tell you, I am sorry.”
So I chose not to consume the product as i knew

For a list of recommended healthy products for only $3. or free with any purchase at Forever Healthy, you will receive U.S. and Canadian recommended products on our Forever Healthy Shopping List of healthy brands of foods, vitamins and personal care products!

Please if you do receive a fax from a company on a product, if you could please also have them fax our office 416-962-1445 attention Forever Healthy or email me and we will compile a list on our website in the near future and make it available free of charge!

Well our client had a very healthy baby boy that was over 8 pounds! and … her labor time was 4 hours!
So we hope you choose to use healthier products that are free of these harmful chemicals and that you and your family choose to support companies that keep our environment less polluted an cleaner and we can all choose to Stay Forever Healthy!