Fluoride – Natural vs Synthetic

Q: One costumer asked me about the amount of fluoride in Himalayan salt, because they feel fluoride is actually very unhealthy. Can you tell us your opinion please? – Sigrid, Jan. 3, 2006

A: There is natural fluoride in foods and chemically added fluoride such as what is added to toothpaste in a concentrated form. Naturally occurring fluoride has a complex whole food structure, is bound with many other naturally occurring minerals and will not in most cases cause any problems. Many natural foods such as fruits, vegetables and herbs, contain fluoride and there are no problems caused by it. It is not the same with the isolated fluoride such as the one added to drinking water.

Whole foods, unaltered by man have certain categories of food elements such as minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids and thousands of enzymes and phyto-nutrients. These elements all work together in synergy to deliver nutrients that can be utilized by the cells in your body. When we consume synthetic vitamin/mineral supplements which are what we refer to as isolates, then we will most definitely have a problem. Nothing in nature ever grows without thousands of complimentary nutrients. When we isolate one element we are trying to feed our body something it does not recognize, and therefore we get problems. ALWAYS. Taking isolated elements will deplete other elements in our bodies. For example, too much vitamin C will deplete iron. Not to mention how acidic synthetic supplements are.

Sodium chloride which is table salt, and basically an isolated single mineral, to be truthful is synthetic salt. VERY harmful to the body. Himalayan Salt is a naturally occurring, multi mineral, sun-energized salt. I have performed an interesting experiment on myself and some of my clients. Eat only whole foods for one month. I recommend avoiding table salt at all costs. Eat mainly vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds. Some lean protein if you need to. Avoid packaged foods. After 1 month try to use common (synthetic table salt). Notice what happens after avoiding it for one month and then consuming it.

Wait a day and then try Himalayan Salt. With the common table salt, you will feel extremely thirsty. You will likely get a canker sore on your tongue and feel how acidic table salt is. One ounce of table salt retains seven pounds of water in the body. Talk about dehydration! It draws moisture from our skin and dehydrates our bowel contents worsening digestion or even causing constipation.

Notice you do not have the same symptoms when you try Himalayan Salt. It will not irritate your tongue or cause excessive thirst. It is much less acidic and dissolves much more thoroughly than common table salt. Our bodies are smart. Everyone reacts the same way, as our bodies do not want the isolated sodium chloride, synthetic, harmful, irritating salt!

Taking synthetic isolated fluoride or, for that matter, any synthetic vitamin/mineral supplement (and virtually 99% of vitamins/mineral products are synthetic), makes no more sense than eating a synthetic apple over a real apple! I think Thomas Edison’s quote says it best: “Until man duplicates a blade of grass, Nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge”. Himalayan or Celtic natural salt, used occasionally, with naturally occurring fluoride, has 80 or so minerals and is balanced and beneficial to the human body.

Please Live Forever Healthy!