Eating Meat & Staying Healthy

From: J Fracassi
Sent: Saturday, December 18, 2004 12:06 PM
Subject: question

Q: Do you “have to” be a vegetarian to be healthy?? I cannot live without meats, and my body does not respond well when I eliminate meats completely from my diet. Can I still incorporate some of Wayne Gendel’s program for healthy living while eating range-fed, grass-fed meats? Thanks.

A: Dear J Fracassi,

Absolutely you can eat animal products and still be healthy! One does not have to be vegetarian or vegan to be healthy. Many healthier long lived people and cultures around the world, occasionally have meat or animal foods. Of course most people overdo eating all kinds of foods!

As well being a raw foodist (75% or more live, raw food) does not automatically mean you will be healthy or healthier than a ‘vegetarian.’

Defining what someone eats is more crucial than giving the category a name! There are however some general observations and conclusions I have found that are a much bigger factor in living longer and healthier!

#1 Cause of Aging = OVEREATING! Most people overeat on processed foods such as dairy (cheese, yogurt, milk…), meats (chicken, fish, red meat), trans fatty acids (high temperature and processed fats!) refined salts and sugars from refined foods such as potato chips and fried veggie burgers…. Believing a ‘junk food’ vegetarian who eats lots of cooked foods, loads of soy milk and eats a lot of refined so called healthy corn chips made with organic corn or organic canola oil is healthier than someone who eats lots of raw veggies, plenty of ripe fresh fruits and has 2 eggs a day or a some fish, or a little bit of cheese is often what happens but is totally NOT TRUE! But is so often the case!

I do however feel if one feels they needs or wants meats to use a few tips to optimize your consumption and health benefits.

  1. always eat a generous amount of raw veggies before you eat the meat. Meat has no fiber. Plenty of raw veggies will give abundant fiber preventing constipation. Cooked veggies are generally best avoided because the fiber is greatly destroyed by cooking.
  2. make sure animal foods are organic if you consume regularly!
  3. take digestive enzymes to assist in digestion
  4. make sure your bowels are moving 2-3 times daily as not to constipate or make even more constipated
  5. clean fish, chicken or meat in a diluted solution (11-1 ratio of purified water and peroxide) of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide for 5-10 minutes. this will remove harmful bacteria, parasites…
  6. consuming 4-8 ounces maximum per meal is plenty.
  7. ideally consuming the raw fish or raw meat in a lemon juice, herb, spice marinade for 30 minutes and up to 24 hours, greatly enhances digestion vs. eating cooked meats. Digestion time is 2/3 less! You will feel more energy eating the meats raw!

I will repeat and emphasize that lots of raw veggies before eating meats will help even more to aid digestion and maximize nutritional values.

I highly recommend marinating the animal meats in lemon and some herbs and spices to make it taste good and make it more tender and easier to digest.

A sample recipe would be: one lemon or lime juice, 1-2 teaspoons of raw nama shoyu, cayenne, garlic, ginger, oregano ….let marinate for at 1-24 hours. To store it you could vacuum seal the meats to make it stay fresh longer.

I believe that using large amounts of Hemp Protein, Spirulina, Hydrilla (a much more nutritive rooted algae from MegaFood) will help you to overcome using or over using animal products. Again an occasional treat is certainly minimally harmful if the above tips are followed.

In other words someone who claims to be a vegetarian could be a ‘junk food vegetarian’ eating loads of potato chips, soy milk …someone claiming to be a raw foodists 75% or more raw foods, could be eating half their diet dehydrated foods, overeat on seeds or nuts daily…Eating a balanced diet of raw fruits and raw vegetables with a few ounces of healthy fats and few ounces of meats daily would be more healthy than either of the two above examples called junk food ‘vegetarian’ or junk food ‘raw foodist’

I find making sure people give their body what it instinctively craves, eliminate the need for animal products on a regular basis.

Usually people craving animal products need good quality fruits and spirulina, hemp to balance the craving and excess need for animal products. Try consuming one or more of the following ripe fruits to overcome your meat or fish cravings. Make sure the fruit is perfectly ripe. Try jack fruit, durian, grapes (seeded), lychees, cherries, mangosteen and other ripe and tropical fruits.

Eating high density quality organic, fruits, veggies, healthy fats from raw nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut and some super foods like seaweeds, spirulina and hemp, will ensure you are giving your body what it needs. An occasional reward whether its some fish, dairy….is not likely to affect your health.

So as long as one eats lots of raw veggies and ripe fruits with healthy fats and a little bit of animal products, and avoids eating junk foods, should be fine. What you do 6 days a week is what will determine your overall health!

Please Live Forever Healthy!