Dry Skin

Q: My skin is dry and flaky in the winter. What can I do to eliminate this? R. M.

A: There are a few things one can do:

1. For a period of time you can reduce the fats in your diet if you have been eating too much processed and cooked fatslately. Too much fats can cause the skin to become very dry because the liver is overloaded. Eliminating or reducing the fats for 1-2 weeks gives the liver some rest and allows it to cleanse. Interestingly enough, if you do not have enough fats, the same thing can occur – the skin can become too dry. If you have not been eating enough raw fats in the form of low temperature pressed oils (2-3 tbls. 1-2x daily) from olives, flax, hemp and pumpkin seeds, avocados, olives (10-12 olives 3-4x week), durian fruit, coconut, raw nuts and seeds (1-3 tbls. 4-5x week), make sure you eat raw fats 4-6x week.

2. Reduce the amount of cooked starches such as potatoes, breads, pasta and rice….for a 2-8 weeks. An over abundance of yeast will increase as compromised digestive systems cannot break down the starches. The starches then ferment, causing alcohol toxins to feed the yeast and bad bacteria. The colon and liver are unable to break down the excess toxins, therefore they try to escape the easiest route possible = through the skin!

3. Make sure you are consuming 6-8 glasses of liquids daily in the form of herbal teas, purified water, fresh squeezed juices and the fresh made nut and seeds milks that we demonstrated in the Cooking in the Raw Lecture you attended.

4. You can apply a pure, good quality jojoba oil. 4 ounces is going to cost you about $18 (Canadian). This is excellent for quickly re-hydrating your skin. Just apply topically 1-2x daily for 1 to 2 weeks and your skin should be fine.

5. One of the best long term and inexpensive solutions is to begin Dry Skin Brushing. Our skin is our largest organ! It represents 1/5 of our body weight. It can eliminate up to 2 pounds of toxins/acids daily!! For the dry winter months we have a great way to alleviate dry skin and help the body feel energized all for $15 a year! A dry vegetable skin brush even works better than a loofa! I have been recommending dry skin brushing for 7 years, I figure I have sold nearly 1,000 of them, and everyone loves it and gets hooked on it! What’s not to like = super soft skin, increased energy and a boosted immune system!

Top 10 Reasons to Dry Skin Brush

1. Your natural skin oils will now be able to coat your skin’s top layer and alleviate the dryness and moisturize your skin naturally. Great for the dry winter months. You will never need body lotion again! You will be amazed how fast and well this works.
2. By dry brushing our entire body, we help reliese toxins from our skin, reducing the stress on our livers, kidneys and bowels from getting overloaded with toxins, while reducing body odor.
3. Protects the skin with natural sun protection factors. Great for spring and summer.
4. Helps eliminate fat deposits.
5. Helps to create lymphatic flow. Our lymph system is a big factor in immunity where white blood cells break down toxins and foreign invaders. Our lymph system has no pump unlike our blood system where the heart keeps things flowing. So in addition to movement, skin brushing is amazing for creating lymph flow and boosting the immune system.
6. It is the second fastest way to wake up and feel great in the morning! 🙂
7. It is an excellent way to warm-up before exercising. You will avoid pulling muscles.
8. It will help prevent or eliminate arthritic acid stiffness in the joints!
9. It creates bonding when done with your mate!
10. You can actually see the changes in your eye with a natural science called iridology. As your skin improves, it resembles the healthier, softer skin you had in your youth. This improvement can be seen in eye color and structure changes. Photos of your eye conclusively reveal the improvement in a matter of weeks or months. Personally I dry skin brush 5 times a week, first thing in the morning. It takes only a few minutes and works great to energize the system followed by a contrast shower.