Dry Brushing Fatty Tumors

Q: I have some fatty tumors and I was told that dry brushing them would break them up. I really have not dry brushed much but lately I have started. So what do I do about the fatty tumors, just go around them? I sure would appreciate your advice. – Donna Wilkins

A: Dear Donna,
We do NOT recommend touching the tumor at all until more info about the tumor is known. i.e. hystological type of tumor, where is it located? Is it active? (This information can be obtained with our CA and Immune Profile tests). What is the size, what have been the changes, if any recently, etc. What kind of cancer is it? Melanoma? Basil cell? etc. Even if we have a tumor on the skin, we often first put enzyme ointment on it and then see how it reacts before any other decisions are made. Don’t touch until further info is known.

I recommend never rubbing or touching a tumor as it could make it spread. Skin brushing around the tumor is great, and skin brushing can greatly enhance your immune system. You should also buy a new skin brush annually. Washing it once a month or so is fine and after every use take a comb to brush out the acids.

You can call me and I’ll tell you how to go about doing the proper tests to find out exactly what type of cancer. I can send you a blood kit and you can get tested. I consult on cancer with Dr. Schildwaetcher, who has 30 years experience in treating cancer and lecturing world-wide. I do the diet and he does the diagnosis. We have just begun to co-work and our first client had the largest increase in immune factors faster than any client they have ever consulted!

We belive that with his natural enzyme therapy and my diet recommendations any client from colds to cancers will be in great hands! He has a 30 year resume with cancer. An oncologist who uses natural methods. So leave the tumor alone until you are sure and have received a more thorough examination and get a few experts’ advice.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!