Cholesterol and Fat Types

Q: Dear Wayne,
I just wanted to say that there was one confusion in your FAQ for the question: “Isn’t using avocado regularly too much fat – the high cholesterol stuff!“. In the last paragraph of the answer, are you saying coconuts are the unsaturated fats that decrease metabolic rate or saturated fats? Please, e-mail me back. Thanks, Kelly

A: Kelly, coconuts have both saturated and unsaturated fats. To further answer your question it is trans fatty acids, which are the unsaturated, heated or processed fats that reduce our metabolic rate, and raw fats actually not only help to increase it, but they also balance our hormones and chelate heavy metals and other poisons while making our foods taste great!

Kelly, Avocado does not increase cholesterol! The following are the main reasons for high cholesterol:

1. Overeating
2. Too much trans fatty acid foods such as fried fats, pasteurized dairy products, fatty meats,
3. Too much refined sugar, eating to many sugary desserts
4. Overeating cooked starches such as white flour pastas, breads, pastries…
5. Not consuming enough liquids! Drinking 8 glasses a day or more is crucial!

Healthy Raw fats from avocado, raw nuts and seeds, cold pressed oils (below 100F), raw olives do NOT cause high cholesterol! Eating raw animal foods such as unpasteurized dairy, cheese, milk, cream does NOT cause high cholesterol! Raw fish (sashimi) does NOT cause high cholesterol! Raw meats do NOT cause high cholesterol! Raw eggs do NOT cause high cholesterol!

Because raw foods are loaded with enzymes they are more thoroughly assimilated in the body. Cooked fats and refined foods are very acidic and enzymatically dead foods that leave the body damaged!

Consuming trans fatty acids or cooked processed fats not only is cancer causing but takes hours longer to digest, and in fact lowers hormone release by up to 30%! So if you want a better sex life just start by getting off trans fatty acid foods and begin to consume raw fats! 10 – 20% of the diet is my recommendation!

Raw coconut has both unsaturated and saturated fatty acids. Raw coconut oil has been kept at room temperature for a year and showed no signs of rancidity!

The unsaturated oils in some cooked foods become rancid in just a few hours! Coconut oil is unusually rich in short and medium chain fatty acids. Shorter chain length allows fatty acids to be metabolized faster. When ultraviolet light comes in contact with unsaturated fats they oxidize, which is not the case with saturated fats! This also occurs in the skin as well as in lab testing!

Unsaturated fats suppress the metabolic rate due to an enzyme that suppresses the thyroids function. In my opinion any cooked, processed fat from any source is damaging to each cell and suppresses the immune system! I believe that consuming 10 – 20% of one’s diet of raw fats is essential and in addition to balancing our hormones, chelating (removing) heavy metals and other toxins serves many other functions in the body.

I find the following a very effective way to healthfully consume HEALTHY RAW FATS on a regular basis. Consume the following with well balanced 80% raw diet and there is a little concern for a reasonably healthy person! The following fats will give one a variety of saturated and unsaturated fats, and unless one is not healthy, there is little need to worry about watching how much of what type of fat one is eating!

Eat 3-4 times weekly raw avocado, raw nuts and seeds, olives and raw coconut.
2 meals a week you can consume raw oils from olives, flax, pumpkin and hemp. And they make our foods taste great!

References: Raymond Peat, Ph.D.

by Wayne Gendel

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