Candida Yeast

Q: I think I might have candida yeast, how can I tell? M.H.

A: Let’s first define candida. This is an yeast that starts to establish itself in the colon. We have about 3-4 pounds of good bacteria with 20% e-coli bacteria in our digestive tracts when we are healthy. Overeating, eating too many refined carbohydrates such as white flour, sugars, pastries, eating too much non-fiber foods such as meats and cheeses, taking anti-biotics and birth control pills can slow down digestion time and start to constipate us. Proper body function is a 1 to 1 ratio of meals to bowel movements.This is how healthy humans and wild animals function.

The average client I consult has 3 meals a day and maybe 5-6 bowel movements a week!? Within 2 weeks on the Forever Healthy program most are having 2-3 movements daily. Wow, does it ever feel great getting rid of the excess sh_t! So, if the body is not eliminating daily the food remaining in the colon too long begins to ferment producing bad bacteria e-coli. Our good bacteria help produce B vitamins, digest foods, and even help produce interferon, a major immune system booster!

Candida yeast can take weeks to months to totally eliminate. The symptoms can range from constipation, low energy, headaches, vaginal discharge and yeast infections, poor skin, body odor, diarrhea, frequent illness and the list goes on. It is sad to see people who have suffered for years, it can be as debilitating as being unable to work, and in a few weeks be well on there way to a normal life again. There is a simple test one can do at home as good possible indicator if one might have candida yeast. We inform you how in our Forever Weight Loss Food Tasting Lecture, and in our extensive questionnaire.

We have tried dozens of products to help clients overcome candida yeast. We have achieved the fastest results by eliminating certain foods and taking one or more of three of the best candida eliminating products, that helps everyone we have consulted. By the way, I have consulted quite a few woman that have been on birth control pills sometime in their life. Everyone of them has an extreme constipation and some other serious health problems.

There is a simple and very effective natural birth control method. Please call us if you would like to purchase a great $5.00 booklet on Natural Birth Control. Birth control pills can cause damage to your colon, cancer rates, imbalance your own natural hormones, harming the liver and female organs.

So, please eliminate birth control pills, as they deplete our good colon bacteria.

If you suspect you have candida, we have a confidential questionnaire from the Candida Foundation that is 99% accurate at informing the level of candida, and takes only 10 minutes to complete. We offer confidential candida consultations and guarantee our results. Please call 416-962-4400 in Toronto or 866-962-4400 Toll Free, or email us to inquire.