Best oils and other Live Food Challenges

Q: Wayne, I have a few questions to ask you. Which are the best oils to consume? How much and how often should I consume them? I am eating a delicious fruit shake in the mornings and it felt great the first few weeks but now I don’t seem to have the same energy as when I first began the fruit shake. I also seem to get indigestion when I eat salad at nite. What should I do? Carla K. M.

A: Carla these are great questions!
Thanks for giving me the ingredients in your salad! I find only the tomatoes an issue with your salad. If removing them does not work then we can eliminate three other possible food sensitivities in your salad.

For Carla and all our readers, I recommend that since tomato is a vegetable-fruit, it is super important to eat them ripe! I find it amazing that when I eat out and they put tomatoes in my salad, that 95% of the time I do NOT eat them! Not only are they not red, they are sometimes white/green and hard as a rock! That means they are very acidic. Please, please avoid tomatoes that are not bright red and slightly soft and taste sweet. Tomatoes are not in season in Canada most of the year. So eating them year round is a challenge even though they are readily available. And please try to purchase organic tomatoes as often as possible to ensure you are eating non-gmo* foods!

Regarding your fruit shake and current diet. I see that you’re basically consuming oils as your only fat food source. Your oils are good quality and raw. But I always recommend WHOLE FOODS. I do recommend the consumption of oils with hemp, olive and coconut being the best and safest. Flax is ok but!!! research shows that it can start to show rancidity within two weeks of pressing. I think that most oils should be consumed within four weeks. The best option for keeping oils fresh is to buy a vacuum sealer. By removing the oxygen from food, one can keep virtually any food fresher and longer including juices, oils, leftovers or dehydrated food. I am recommending a vacuum sealer to help prevent the waste of food as well as assist keeping dehydrated foods fresher longer. Always remember the importance of making your food as fresh as possible daily.

Since oils have been separated from the main pulp of the food, it is super concentrated. I find with many people whos livers are not strong that consuming oils too often can aggravate digestive issue. Here is what I suggest for their proper usage.

Buy the smallest bottles of oil. This way you use up smaller amounts that will not sit around for months and go rancid.
Keep oils in a dark and cool area. Try to read more on fats and how much oils to consume at this link
I recommend consuming oils only 2x a week as a treat. Eating olives, avocados, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, sunflower and sesame seeds, almonds, coconut oil and spread, raw nut butters are better sources of whole raw fats.
Carla, your issue with adding oil to your fruit shake is a common challenge I see in many people that consult with me. You said you’re consuming 3 tbls 3x a day. Many people eat the same type of oil and eat too much of it! Countless people get consulted and are told to put oil in their morning shake, then eat more oil at lunch and dinner. The WHOLE FOOD fats are missing in many people’s diet. Whole foods are always the better choice. Just adding spirulina to your morning shake will give some essential fats and buffer one’s blood sugar from the fruit shake.

In my research a common factor among people today with higher incidences of illness is the over-consumption of adulterated foods! WHOLE FOODS are always the better daily food choice. I find it is not so much the missing fats in people’s diet as the over-consumption of processed acidic foods and overeating of refined foods that is causing poor health.

NOTE: Sometime after my response Carla has notified me that her energy in the morning is better and her salads do not cause her any more discomfort at nite. Often I find many challenges resolved by doing a diet evaluation and making simple changes first. Mission accomplished with Carla!

Try eating WHOLE foods and eat 80% or more RAW! Eat WHOLE FOOD fats in moderation as I have advised here and

Please Live Forever Healthy!

* GMO = Genetically Modified Foods. Details

Please Live Forever Healthy!