by Wayne Gendel 

In last months Forever Healthy eletter (June 17, 2005), I mentioned about purity and what is truly in a product, not just what the label says. Unfortunately labels are what the government and manufacturers want you to know. The only way to find out what is really in a product is to call the company of the product you are inquiring about.

Label laws for the most part, protect manufacturers. Any and all ingredients in any product whether it’s a food, skin care or a health supplement, is everyone’s own personal responsibility to research. I am going to share (below) how to find out the ingredients in any product. I have used this exact terminology for 15 years and it has always worked for me.

I will also share the ingredients in a product called Materna. Materna is a (so called) vitamin supplement that Canadian Doctors suggest pregnant women take. Personally I think this is disgusting that pregnant women are even offered Materna! Can you believe that many of the ingredients are known cancer causing! RDA is a terminology used in Canada and the U.S. and stands for Recommended Daily Allowance of a particular nutrient the body needs. I have never known that the body needs red dye or polysorbates!…. How any synthetic ingredient ever was approved for human use goes beyond logic!? Please realize that our skin care absorbs into the body and bloodstream in 1 – 7 minutes. This is why we recommend Puressence, Dr Hauschka and Weleda lines of body care products!

Last month I mentioned that MegaFood is one of the only 2 major grown wholefood vitamin/mineral supplements, that I have ever found! Many of the ingredients in Materna are also found in virtually ever other brand of synthetic vitamin supplement of the 1,359 registered vitamin/mineral products in North America. This is the reason they are so inexpensive, yet rarely work and usually cause digestive system problems from constipation to an over acid stomach. MegaFood (product guide link) is food! and not from a synthetic or some far related greatly altered food derivative. Any synthetic is a stimulating energy where a food is a ‘life’ energy! I think Thomas Edison said it best with this logical quote:

“Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge.” – T.A. Edison

We don’t eat synthetic apples, so why take synthetic vitamins/minerals? WholeFoods make sense! And always will!

How To Ask What Is In Any Food, Skin Care Or Health Supplement

  1. Ask for the technical department (do not talk with just whoever answers the phone. The receptionist will always say their product is the best and then basically just tell you whatever the label says is on it!
  2. They will usually ask why you want to know. Say you or a family member, is very sensitive to many ingredients. Avoid researching information as a company.
  3. Then ask the following which works for food (raw or processed), supplements and personal body care products from make up to soap.“by email or fax I would like to know”; * FULL DISCLOSURE on all active and inactive ingredients in all stages of processing from raw materials to finished product including binders, fillers, excipients, coatings, anything synthetic. Is the product GMO free, free of pesticides, molds and bacteria? What temperature is the product produced at? Do you have any lab reports verifying purity? Bacteria and heavy metal counts? Certification for organics?
  4. Be persistent. You might have to call 2 or 3 or 4 times. If I don’t get what I ask the 2nd time, I ask for the most senior management and that is usually successful!
    Currently I have a client who is asking me to research a vitamin supplement they are giving their child with severe digestion problems. I told them the vitamin supplement is 1 piece of the puzzle. They were shocked to hear that I told them what I found in most supplements even the brands that Naturopath Doctors recommend are most often sadly synthetic and just plain harmful!

Remember if you take a product that is loaded with synthetic ingredients and you get cancer or some kind of illness, ultimately it’s one’s own responsibility! I wish everyone to empower yourself to search for the truth in the products you consume! This is one of the very reasons I even started Forever Healthy!

Please Live Forever Healthy!

Wayne Gendel