by Wayne Gendel

How to reduce calories and extend life.

The average caloric input is about 2,500 for men and 1,600 to 1,800 for women, depending on size and activity level. You can achieve the best results by reducing your caloric intake. It should take one year to reduce your intake by 20 to 40 per cent. This would be the easiest for the body to adjust.

A good life extension calorie-restricted diet is approximately 1,800 calories per day. One must be very committed and disciplined and eat a very strict diet. This is not for everyone, but it can be done. In addition, it is important to eat slowly and in a relaxed manner.

Skipping meals is another, sometimes easier, way for some people to reduce calories. This is my own. I eat between 12 and 14 meals per week. My goal is to reduce to 10 meals a week by January 2002. Please remember to not overeat very often, it is still very crucial not to stress the body by this harmful habit.

If we follow the Standard American Diet (SAD) and follow the crowd, we will end up like everyone else. The average person will become sick with some chronic illness from the age of 50 and be on medication for the rest of their life. Do you want to follow the crowd? Or would you like to learn how the healthiest cultures in the world eat?

North America ranks 24th in age longevity, one of the lowest of the world’s developed countries. “While there are a few factors in living healthy and long lifestyle choices are vastly more important” – state the authors of the study. So in summation on average, the wrong lifestyle and resulting coronary heart disease will likely steal up to 17 years of our life. So if you really enjoy eating fried foods, refined white sugars and white flour foods be prepared, because inevitably we not only pay the price in an unhealthier life, but also a shorter one!

Even people with good genetics when they move and adopt unhealthy lifestyle and diet, their lifespan lowers to the average of the people where they move to! Please be aware that your arteries deliver oxygen, glucose, amino acids – proteins, hormones, enzymes, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and hundreds of thousands of phyto-nutrients!

Live to 50 in pain or live to 80, 90 and beyond with good health!

When I hear many people, friends and family say “Your diet does not matter you’re going to die anyway”, I just pray for them to realize this is what we are lead to believe! Sure we all will eventually die, but why do some people live until 80, 90, 100 and beyond with no illnesses, physically active and others only 50 or 60 and with many years incapacitated, unhealthy, in pain… The fact is if you live in North America you can expect that by the time you are 50 you will likely be on medication for the rest of your life with a chronic illness!
Well the good news is you have a choice! You can live into your 80’s and beyond with good health and no illness. Let’s follow the healthy crowd!

Let’s define moderate. North American definition is eat small amounts daily. So small amounts of refined sugar, fried fats, white flour, dairy products, pastries, cake, soda pop… Every meal most north Americans think they can eat these foods if they only have one soda a day, one ice cream, one slice of pizza, one candy bar… Healthy definition of moderate is treat yourself once or twice a week to one of the above foods!

Again case in point. If we follow the crowd we end up like the crowd! The healthiest cultures do not eat refined sugars, flours, fried foods, etc. We already know that heart disease is the biggest killer and it is mainly diet related! Again good news – you have a choice. Follow the healthy crowd.

Fact – foods are chemicals. Period. For anyone to say that diet does not matter is the most irresponsible, ignorant statement possible.
I have proven with many clients I have consulted that when high quality, highly nutritious foods are consumed, aches, pains, chronic problems, emotional state, virtually everything you can imagine improves! Let’s remember foods are powerful chemicals. It is logical to conclude the foods we consume affect the chemical composition of our blood, our tissues and our whole body! Good chemicals – good mood!

Everything we do whether we eat, drink, laugh, cry, sleep, meditate, exercise, make love, produces a chemical reaction in your body. Some positive some negative but a reaction takes place. To think that if you ate chocolate bars and ice cream all day long or ate fruits and vegetables your health outcome will only be due to your genetic disposition, is the farthest thing from the truth!

To show you the incredible power of your food, I refer to the book called the “Messages from Water” by Masaru Emoto, Doctor of Alternative Medicine. This book is the first ever to show pictures of frozen water crystals. You might ask what do pictures of water crystals have to do with food and health? Mr. Emoto found that when water freezes its molecule forms a crystal shape. The amazing phenomenon is that no two water molecules look the same! So after taking 10,000 pictures in 4.5 years of water samples from all over the world, he has concluded that water has a memory. Healthy waters all had a similar look to it as did unhealthy waters. Healthy waters looked like a six sided diamond crystal! Unhealthy waters had no consistent structure or shape!

In fact they even talked to water to prove that if you say positive words to your water it will gain a six sided healthy shape! I likely will not use so many exclamation marks in one paragraph again, but to me this is such a powerful revelation. If we can talk to our water and change its molecular shape, then one can only imagine the effect healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables have versus eating chocolate and ice cream. Food is very powerful, change your diet and watch the magic. Let’s follow the healthy crowd!

We challenge you to take only three months of your life, yes just a short time of all the years you have lived, to slowly each week make one change to your diet. So in 4-8 weeks you will add a lot more healthy foods to your diet. Now here is the amazing thing I have found with clients over the years. While our stomachs may be stupid, meaning we can put in almost any food and it takes a few minutes for our bodies to let us know if we feel good or bad from our choice of food, but once we give up unhealthy foods and eat more healthy ones, not only does the desire for that food go away, but when we get conditioned to eating healthy, the unhealthy foods will make us feel their detrimental effects soon after we eat them! I am constantly told by clients they will do much of what I recommend but they do not want to give up their chocolate or coffee.

They always have some comfort foods they do not want to give up. So I assure them not to worry, just make small changes and let your body tell you what it wants. I am not taking away so much as I am adding more healthy foods to your diet. But from years of consulting and from much personal experience I realize we humans are very much the same in this area. Once the body starts to get healthy mineral rich diet, our unhealthy cravings and habits often miraculously disappear! Could it be that healthier food can do this? It sure can and it does. It is almost inevitable that after 3 days -3 weeks when I have a follow up consultation with my client and we go over the health form they filled out when they first came to see me, I ask them how many cups of coffee are you now consuming? Or how many cigarettes are you now smoking? Well the answers are usually much less. In fact I am ecstatic because many people actually can’t believe how they eliminate the habit without even noticing! Yes, they even give up some harmful habits entirely!

The unfortunate thing is that we’re told that everything is good in moderation. Well what most people believe moderation is quite unlike what it really should be. Again look at the fact that heart disease is a chronic epidemic and a huge problem.

Statistics of Healthy Cultures

  • In Okinawa Japan their average cholesterol ratio (10) is equivalent to Boston Marathoners, proving diet alone is the major factor in preventing heart disease. Along with a sensible exercise program it is even more powerful.
  • Okinawan women have more than 5 times less of a mortality rates than American women!
  • Many of the cultures that have little disease and long life eat 1/3 the protein that North Amercians eat
  • JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) estimated in 1961 that 97% of heart disease could be prevented by diet! A high protein meat diet increased heart attacks in the 45-65 year age group by 10 times!
  • And only 2% had high blood pressure as compared to 26% who eat the higher meat diet!
  • in 1983 60 BILLION dollars were lost on medical bills, lost wages and lost productivity due to heart attacks. That is 58.2 (97% preventable remember!) billion dollars that could have been used for lots of other uses! So let’s figure just since 1983 50 billion a year in the 20 years = 1 TRILLION dollars could be saved! That’s just on heart disease alone, not to mention other diseases! I think we have learned an expensive lesson! Let’s now follow the healthy crowd!
  • In 1998 the 8th top killer in U.S. with 150,000 -300,000 deaths each year was due to medical doctor mistakes.
  • In a Ralph Nader test, 70% of doctors failed the test on how to prescribe medications. And again the main reason we go to the doctor is diet related problems. High blood cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure all can be relieved in most cases with diet. (Chicago Tribune, Dr. Joel Wallach)

Let’s follow the healthy crowd!