by Wayne Gendel

You have a choice!
Would you like to live longer and healthier with 90-95% less chance of suffering from heart disease and other illness? And live fulfilling life at full age potential. Let’s follow the healthy crowd!

The most powerful factor in your choice to live a long healthy life is… only four letters long. _ _ _ _ Just 4 letters! But as a challenge to yourself, please read this entire article before you read the answer to see if you can guess what it is before you finish reading! Answer at the end of this article.

I have found nine cultures that have little common illnesses of developed countries: Georgians (Russia), Hunza (Pakistan), Mongolia, Okinawa (Japan), Peru, Vicambia, Ecuador, Lesser Flamingos (East Africa), Aztecs (Mexico), Navajo (United States), and Bulgaria.

One important thing is to believe nothing I write here! That’s correct. Nothing. Use your God given common sense and logic. Prove it to yourself. For 25 years I have read hundreds of books and articles on health. Some make sense some do not. What makes sense to me – I try. My instinct is nearly 100% correct. The things that I try most often work! So if you feel that what we have informed you on makes some sense to you, please give it to yourself to experience how simple being healthy can really be.

Both myself and many other health professionals are here to tell you from our hearts that we have a simple powerful way to guide you to great health! One interesting fact is that, even though one would have to be born yesterday to not realize the harm of smoking, yet a lot of people ignore the warnings. It is estimated that over 35% of the population in North America still consume commercial tobacco! (8)

It all comes down to you. You just have to make a choice. Follow the healthy crowd! What we are telling you here is not rocket science. While we have great scientific research to back our statements, let’s imagine worse case scenario that all these studies did not really happen. Possible, since we were not actually there to see them take place. The only real way to know if much of what you are reading here is true is to … Try it! Follow the healthy crowd!

I will frequently use this statement in this article because I am here to help people avoid unnecessary suffering. Let’s follow the healthy crowd!

Diet, environment, exercise, level of dis-stress, emotional and spiritual factors are all important components of Health. Dis-stress is defined as chronic stress. Stress does not cause dis-ease. Dis-stress or chronic stress causes disease. Short term stress does not kill, but long term stress, or dis-stress does!

Animals in nature are often under stress to just survive. But most wild animals in nature live their natural lifespan! Man has such a large fluctuation in lifespan from as low as 60 in Bombay India to 80’s in Okinawa Japan. Wild animals in nature live 5-6 times their age of maturity. Wild animals rarely die before there natural life span unless they are eaten by another animal or from accidental cause. Domesticated animals on the other hand have such a high need for vet doctors! Because they are not eating their natural diet! They eat canned food! Dead food with NO life force!

It’s so funny how many people think I am radical when they first ask what my diet is. I consume 99% of my diet of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and avocados. Yes 99%. But this is what the earth has provided for us naturally. All of what I eat grows naturally! Now am I crazy here, but to me eating man made foods laden with chemicals, candy bars, soda pop, food that can last years on the shelf is crazy! Frozen foods, instant food substitutes, substitutes for butter like margarine, sugar!!! These foods have little life force.

Well if that’s not radical??? By the time I am finished lecturing or consulting most people are smiling and realize there is a more logical and natural way. Again the healthiest people live the farthest away from medical care. But don’t get me wrong here. Go to your doctor if you do not feel good. But change your diet! It is the single most powerful factor in a healthy life! Most doctor visits are diet related. Strokes and heart disease, the two largest killers, are easily eliminated by your dietary choices.

Humans are fully mature when the spine stops growing at the age of 25. At the age of 30 hormone levels peak and start to drop from then on. So let’s do some math here. Age 25 x 5 = 125 or 25 x 6 = 150! The oldest living documented person on record is Madame Jeanne Calment who died at the age of 122 years in August 1997and lived in France.(6) Let’s follow the healthy crowd!

Another popular question I get asked is why can some people eat anything and still live long. Well, can you imagine if this person ate healthier! While it is rare for long lived people to have excessive bad habits, some can seem to live longer than others. An important point to remember here is their dis-stress levels? Usually low as well as their bad habit is usually minimal while they do not overeat and they do eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.