The Law of Conditioning – Foods, Supplements & Herbs

by Wayne Gendel

Many herbs and foods are very healing but also very strong which can cause side effects after a long term use. For example Gingko Biloba and Buckwheat sprouts thin the blood which can be beneficial for a period of time of few weeks up to 3 months and become harmful after. Human body gets conditioned to many foods and herbs in this time period. One reason is that the body completely replaces its blood every three months.

Long term use of the same foods and herbs can greatly reduce the effectiveness and cause sensitivity and even allergies.

The solution is to rotate foods, supplements and herbs by giving your body a break from the same herbs and foods as this will eliminate any potential problems. Please never take the same foods and herbs everyday for long periods of time.

Here is the rule of thumb:

Most whole food supplements such as Green KamutChlorella, Spirulina and any whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, beans, fats (oil, avocado, nuts, seeds) can be consumed daily for up to three months. After that begin to take breaks of 1-2 days every week and 3-7 days off in a row, monthly. Products such as Greens Plus+ with many multiple ingredients are great for short term use and for traveling. But long term use day in and day out for months on end is not recommended.

The exception to the rule seems to be greens and some vegetables because they have a longer peak of freshness than fruits. Other exceptions are foods that are picked fresh and consumed within 3 days of picking. If one lives in tropical environment one can daily eat foods that are naturally grown in that environment. The reason is that the foods are fresh, ripe and balanced. Many of the foods available to us in Northern climates can be 1-2 weeks old until they reach our markets. The minerals, vitamins and enzymes can deplete as much as 25% after 4 days. This can create an imbalance if eaten daily.

Also always get a detailed description of herbs and their side effects before taking or self prescribing.

Herb Safety Encylcopedia website link:

If you are taking Ayurvedic or Chinese herbs, please consult your health practitioner regarding long term use.