Factors to Avoid Cancer and Boost Immunity

  • Why Do Other Cultures that are in the Sunshine Daily for Years Do Not Get Skin Cancer!
  • Learn Why the Myth of the Sun Causing Skin Cancer Can Hurt Your Health!
  • Tips on Sunshine for Great Health!

Whether you live in a sunshine state all year round or have seasonal summer or take trips to warm climates, learning to condition yourself to sunshine exposure will not only protect you from sun damage but assist you in having a healthier body!

UVB radiation from natural pure sunshine converts cholesterol in your body into vitamin D. Vitamin D is a very potent anti-cancer vitamin. In fact some research studies show that people who do not get enough sunshine have higher skin cancer occurrences even though they were outside, and the cancers on their bodies were where there was no exposure to the sun! Have you noticed that animals in the wild do NOT get skin cancer! Virtually all life on planet earth needs some sunshine! Plants and animals need it for there would be no life without the sun.


Although the medical establishment will have you bathing in sunscreen, it is one of the last things you want to put on your body. It is a toxic chemical that can cause problems in your liver and blood. Another alternative is just wearing clothing to protect you against the sun or using natural sun block which there are only a few acceptable brands.

Make-up, lotions and most personal care products are loaded with harmful chemicals that not only disrupt hormones but are toxic! What you put on your skin, enters your blood stream in minutes! Pure natural skin care such as Aubrey Organics and Dr Hauschka avoid harmful unnecessary chemicals. Suntan lotions actually block the vitamin D, the very reason we are out in the sun. If you have to stay out for long time and are not conditioned to the sun, then I recommend Aubrey Organics sun tan lotion for occasional use.


Whether hitting the ski slopes or hitting the sandy beaches of the world, avoid getting sunburned. Constant burning your skin dramatically increases your chances of getting skin cancer.

By starting out in the sun for 15 minutes the first 2-3 days then increase by 15 minutes a day every 2-3 days for 2 weeks, your body slowly gets accustomed to the sun and you avoid burning. Plenty of natural aloe vera gel helps re-moisturize your skin getting 7 layers deep to sooth and protect.

If you do burn, I recommend a pure aloe vera gel or juice, pure noni juice and essential oil of lavender.  These are the top 3 skin care first aids for burns.


The worst food of all is eating bad trans fats! Fried foods, poor quality oils, roasted nuts and seeds and the fake fats such as margarine and lard or most cooked fats, eating junk foods, bad trans fats and over eating all contribute to a weakened immune system. Cooked fats clog our blood and can cause tumors. And overeating on bad fats is in my opinion the single worst and most damaging food to our health.

Please remember to eat the right amount of healthy fats (what fats to eat )

Consuming plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables keeps your immune system strong and loaded with natural protective beta carotene and vitamin A, both very protective to the skin.

Well so far man has yet to copy nature and sun tan beds are not the sun! While you might be able to get some vitamin D from sunbed tanning, it is still not a balanced light form equal to the sun. Just like a synthetic vitamin is NOT food, man made lamps are NOT the sun!

3 great sources of  great source of beta carotene and vitamin A is spirulina.
For those that are not vegetarians, a quality source of Cod Liver Oil can be of great benefit.

Just 20 minutes a day walking outside with some skin exposed will help get you your vitamin D. If during your 20 minute sunshine exposure, please avoid sunglasses and contact lenses, as vitamin D is absorbed through the pupils in our eyes. Exposure to the sun provides many benefits such as promoting the conversion of vitamin D. The right balance of natural sunlight actually prevents cancer. There is also strong evidence that sunlight is protective against MS andbreast cancer and an overall strong immune system

Even in the winter please try to get outside, when the weather is tolerable. There is NO better source of vitamin D than the natural sunshine! Ever notice why laundry that is sun dried smells fresher than from a washing machine?
Sunshine kills bacteria and mold! So sunbathing is actually very good for you!

In some parts of the world there is thinner ozone lowering the sun’s natural protection.
Avoid prolonged exposure at peak times of the day, around 12 noon -2pm to minimize uvb damage.

Eat healthyavoid getting burned and use natural skin care products for healthy glowing skin and maximizing your fun in the sun!

By Wayne Gendel