Skin brushing for Vibrant Health

by Wayne Gendel

Dry skin brushing is an excellent way to help your body wake up in the morning with energy. it also helps correct illness, prevent illness, prevent and recover form injuries, increase circulation, excellent for warming up before athtletic events, yoga and any fitness activity.

Skin brushing also greatly boosts your immune system. The skin is your largest eliminative organ. It releases up to two (2) pounds of toxins daily! Skin brushing reduces the toxic load of other organs such as our liver, lungs, kidneys… The function of the lymph system is also greatly enhanced by brushing. There is 45 pints – that’s three times more lymph in our body then blood (15 pints). The lymph system is a main factor in eliminating waste materials from our bodies.

Skin brushing breaks down poor functions thick like cottage cheese lymph fluids that older and chronically ill people have to good flowing water consistency strong lymph fluid. The better flowing consistency lymph system can produce more white blood cells to help our bodies fight the negative invaders our bodies try to fight and eliminate daily. Skin Brushing directly boosts your immune system to be able to produce the fighter cells to prevent and eliminate these daily toxins our bodies need to eliminate to stay strong and healthy.

The lymph system has no pump like the blood systems heart does. We therefore need to exercise, stretch, yoga, some type of movement to help the lymph move and prevent it from getting to thick and clogged as to prevent stagnation, settling, and accumulation of the waste products from depositing in our muscles organs joints… causing soreness, arthritis, poor muscle tone, cellulite, poor circultation… In addition to boosting the bodies immune sytem, skin brushing gives you great energy first thing in the morning because you are creating increased blood and lymph circultation and getting the toxins out of the body by this natural fast and simple technique.

I recommend dry skin brushing first thing in the morning. It should take approximately 5-10 minutes a day, 5-6 times per week. It is always done dry either before showering or before your morning exercise routine, to warm up the muscles and prevent injury. The morning is an excellent time because the toxins release and accumulate during sleep. So the dry brushing technique greatly increases the circulation, you not only eliminate the toxins but you feel alert and awake. Women ans men also notice that they no longer feel need to use skin moisturizers. By removing the dead skin cells and stimulating more blood and lymph flow and circulation we also help the skin to produce more oils from the unclogging of the pores. Better skin breathing, less toxins, eliminating the toxic acids and allowing the new cells, to the surface and the oils glands are free to release more of the protective and moisturizing oils.

Think of the times that we exercise and have a good sweat. Have you noticed that if you do not shower for 1 hour or more, that we start to feel bad. Well all the sweat and toxins are not only preventing the skin from breathing but they are also reabsorbing. Now if we shower we feel better. This is what skin brushing does but better than removing the waste we increase circulation and boost the immune system, and it cleans the skin more thouroughly than soap., as well as balance the skins ph.

We only need soap on our underarms, rectal, genital and face areas. We bring more blood to the surface, reduce the toxic load of other organs and bring more nutrients to the body. Dry skin brushing can be done 2 times a day if one is on a detoxification program such as elimintaing alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or other bad habits. or just a general detoxification program. Please avoid brushing over tumors, open or inflammed skin areas. Skin Brushing is done by brushing from the feet, up the legs, the back then the stomach and chest area. Always brush in the direction of the heart as lymph flows upwards. When you reach the heart area then brush down the arms, the underarms, then the back of the neck, the top of the chest staying directly offf the breast nipple, and finally very lightly on the sides of the neck in a downward motion. Please give yourself one to two weeks to get accustomed to dry skin brushing. The stiff natural vegetable fibers may seem too hard for many, but I have been recommending skin brushing for years and virtually every client gets addicted to the great energy and clear mind and alive feeling they get.

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