by Wayne Gendel 

Normally we are in 1 of 2 states of function, Active or Regenerating. Sleep is when our bodies repair, rebuild and regenerate. Insufficient deep sleep may be the primary cause of degenerative disease, which is premature or rapid aging. Proper sleep is anti-aging, life extending and a secret to the Fountain of Youth!

The foundations of anti-aging regenerative sleep 

5) STRESS LEVELS, Emotional & Physical

Where you sleep is amazingly important. Your bedroom should be for sleep and lovemaking with balanced Feng Shui. Avoid computers and work related equipment. Your sleeping environment should include:

  1. BED TYPE – I recommend avoiding metal/coil mattresses as they emit positive (not good) ions. Memory foam mattresses with cotton or silk sheets are best. Buckwheat pillows and cotton or silk sheets.
  2. TEMPERATURE – In the winter some fresh air and slightly cooler with light blankets is better than too hot. Fans and dehumidifiers are better than air conditioners.
  3. QUIET
  4. DARK – too much light may cause melatonin, a sleep hormone, not release all its regenerative capacity
  5. ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELDS (EMF) – minimize electronics in your bedroom or sleeping area. Excessive EMF pollution could be disrupting your deep sleep. TachyonQLink and QRay are excellent EMF protection devices. Feng Shui consulting might also be a wonderful solution to balancing your home and work environments.
  6. AIR – Plenty of fresh air from plants, essential oils or quality air filters

If you live in a noisy area, try a sporting goods or pharmacy store for some foam rubber ear plugs. Reading or mediating yourself to sleep stimulate your brain in a positive way. Connect with your partner before sleep. A little eye contact, touch and loving hugs will do wonders for promoting relaxation and smooth sleeping vibes. Hugs, kisses, love making release natural endorphins. Ideally remove every item with an electrical cord out of your bedroom. Battery or manual clocks or an alarm wrist watch.

HABITS, Food & Sleep 
Seratonin levels respond to whether the sun is high and bright or low and dark. Light puts our bodies in activity mode and dark puts our bodies in regeneration mode. Finish larger meals early in the day, when the sun is high and bright. Once darkness starts, bodies begin transition to regeneration mode.

Over-eating in general or eating large amounts of food within 3-4 hours of bedtime decreases regenerative hormone release. Instead of the hormones released for sleep and body regeneration, your pancreas and liver are still digesting a large meal. Small snacks of easy to digest fresh fruit, vegetables, a light soup broth, herbal tea, fresh juice or raw nut milk are fine an hour or more before sleep. Try a diet diary to eliminate a potential over-stimulator. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, preservatives and chemicals in your diet and life.

MINERALS & ENZYMES, The Fuel for our Cells
Nutrition is all about quality essential minerals and enzymes. Organic, pure, whole, fresh, raw/living, alkaline, low glycemic fruits and vegetables should compose 80% of the diet.
When cells are oxygen starved, adrenals fire. Eat mineral rich, dense, quality fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sea-vegetables. Empty calorie acidic foods leach minerals from the body and deplete cells of their energy source.

BACK TO OUR REGULARLY SCHEDULES PROGRAM: Eating, working and sleeping at the same times every day vs. random or a constantly changing schedule can balance the body’s natural rhythms. Working night shifts is greatly against your body’s natural cycles. Try to eat meals within an hour of the same time daily.

Pure reverse osmosis energized ph balanced water, fresh vegetable and fruit juices are life. These liquids are the great lubricators, responsible for nutrient transport to our cells and waste transfer out of our cells. If a person is dehydrated, then adrenals fire in an attempt to speed up to keep us going and assist in flushing toxins out of the body. Dehydration is a common factor in people having false hunger. Adrenalin is natural ‘Speed’ and will greatly interfere with sleep. Eat less. Drink more.

LYMPHATIC SYSTEM, Dry Skin Brushing, Yoga, Stretching, Rebounding, Exercise
The concept of stagnant lymph is often an overlooked important factor. Lymph is pumped by movement and is the waste system of the body. If lymph is stagnant and has difficulty draining then the adrenals keep firing until the lymph drains. In this case the adrenals keep firing indefinitely or at least until they or the thyroid or parathyroid are exhausted and can ultimately fail. Stagnant lymph = acidity = over-stimulation. Any form of movement will help the lymph eliminate from the body. From stretching to massage, move your lymph for optimal health.

Chronic or sustained stress is hormone suppressive, accelerates aging and is a killer in the long term. Is it any wonder Mondays have the highest rates of heart attacks? Solution is Acid/Alkaline diet, healthy emotions and following your life path. Excess negative emotions can acidify the body. You will love your work if you work at what you love. Do some relaxation – reading, massage, sex, mediation…


QUIET – try ear plugs!
RELAX – calming music, sauna, hot tub, massage in the early or late evening
MEDIATION or JOURNALING – clear your thoughts
HERBS – valerian, anise, hops, chamomile, lavender
ESSENTIAL OILS – Jasmine, Lavender, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile, Geranium, Rose, Marjoram
EMF – Reduce and Protect. Eliminate sources of EMF and protect with Tachyon and/or QLink and/or QRay
EXERCISE – best earlier in the day or at least 4 hours before bed. Light stretching can be relaxing before bed.


DENSE ENZYMATIC NUTRITION! Under-eating quality dense nutritive foods!
The food we eat can produce either cancer fighting an enzymes or food digesting enzymes. The choice of which enzymes get created directly tracks the amount and type of food you eat.
Raw fresh living enzyme rich food is #1 way to minimize pancreas dis-stress. Small meals 2-4 x a day and slightly under eating 10-40% less calories than normal is the only proven life extension technique and body regenerating! from quality dense food nutrition is the #1 anti-aging tip!
QUALITY REST and SLEEP! Most people need from 7-9 hours
EAT LITE! Avoid overeating! Overeating is the number #1 cause of pre-mature aging! Eat a meal before bed and watch how you look in the morning compared to not eating or lite eating before bed. One will likely look un-rested, have puffed up face or even wrinkled! The difference is nite and day! 

Please Live Forever Healthy!