by Shannon Leone

“Only the day dawns to which we are awake.” – THOREAU

Do you feel special? Somewhere inside us we feel that we are special, because WE ARE. All of us have gifts and a purpose which those gifts will help fulfill. It’s a cosmic law. Our Universe is one of abundance, beauty, goodness and expansion. When you believe that you will see that. This world needs and will totally support your DREAMS.

The challenge is that a life-time of stress, nutritional deficiencies and lack of skills can begin to erode our sense of Self. Doubt, confusion and deep psychic pain gradually begins to eclipse our natural instincts of love and bliss. Eventually we are reduced to knee-jerk reactions of anger, depression, and fear. Now the self-medicating merry-go-round of addictions, over-work, consumerism, materialism, debt and dis-ease begins. Becoming chronically ill becomes an unconscious and therefore acceptable form of suicide.

I realise these are strong words that nobody wants to hear. But how can 90% of us by the age of 50 be on medications for the rest of our lives? Statistics show that we are either DEAD or DEAD-BROKE by age 65. This is not what our Creator intended for us.

I believe FOOD is the primary starting point to prevent or correct this. What we eat we ARE. Everybody knows this on a primal level. And yet much of the food that we are eating today did not even exist a generation or two ago. Our entire system of war-fare agriculture and mass produced ‘processed’ foods is an unnatural RECENT phenomenon with disastrous results.

One in every 4 modern couples is infertile. Obesity, diabetes, cancer and even heart disease are becoming alarmingly prevalent in our CHILDREN. These diseases were rare in our grandparents generation. Organic food was what they ate because that was how all food was grown. In 1990 Canada and the US were rated in the top 5 of all the developed nations in health. Today we are in the bottom 5. A complete reversal…

It is time to grasp the truth of what is happening. With the advent of computers and the Internet, communication is instantaneous. Information is totally accessible, anytime, anywhere. That is power. Doctors may be our partners in health, but we are now able to be the governing authority in the responsibility of achieving and maintaining our health.

Proper nutrition is the fuel needed not only for vibrant health but for the ability to make choices. Our food affects our health which includes our ability to make choices, and even the choices available to us. I realised this when I was 12 or 13 and saw that although I was very slim, skinny even, I could not run around the gym like my friends without gasping for air after 2 yards. I could not touch my toes! I bought two books at a garage sale for 15 cents on yoga and health foods. I began making health shakes for my mom to help her quit smoking. Within 3 months I could not only touch my toes, I could now do the splits and was beating all but the fastest kids in races. I knew I had tapped into something big. I made myself healthier and had become in touch with a life-long passion of assisting others to do the same.

I have struggled with health issues actually since my birth at only 3 ½ lbs. My beautiful mother never did quit smoking and suddenly died of a massive heart-attack when I was in my teens. She was only 48. My soul shattered into a million pieces.

Four years ago I turned a corner that opened up a whole new world of possibility for me. Through the work of Wayne Gendel, Brian Clement, David Wolfe and Victoria Boutenko I discovered the power of RAW foods. What a journey of hope, health, discovery and fun it has been!

I have attracted health, wealth, peace and happiness beyond what I had ever experienced when I was ‘cooked’. I choose pure, beautiful thoughts. I am compelled to do only what I love. I have become more of who I really am and shall continue to blossom and grow in purpose and contribution.

What are YOUR dreams, goals and passionate desires? Allow yourself to be released from all fear, worry, doubt or despair. Be bold and accept your birthright of vibrant health and happiness. And you will make the world a better place just by letting your light shine, by sharing whatever is your greatest joy.

We are all special and our DREAMS are not only POSSIBLE, they are NECESSARY.

Here are some suggestions in getting you started. Do at least one TODAY and everyday and just build on every success- little changes add up to big results.

I love you for your courage and faith.


“All that one achieves or fails to achieve is the result of one’s thoughts.” – JAMES ALLEN


Having travelled around the world I have been touched by the way other cultures relate to their food- with PLEASURE. Whether I was in Asia, Australia, South America or Europe, I noticed the focus was not ‘calories’ or even ‘health-benefits’, rather it was all about enjoyment. Everything connected to food brought a sublime awakening of the senses; from the way the food is displayed in local markets by proud vendors, to the artful preparation, to the graceful presentation and finally the way it is SAVOURED. Everything from the food’s colors, aromas and textures is sensually experienced.

Contrast this to our Western way of wolfing down a burger and fries between meetings while driving! Where is the sanctity in eating out of plastic containers, while standing up, reading the news? Sadder still is the fear-deprivation-binge-guilt-punishment routine of DIETS. Whether we indulge or deny ourselves our body always takes its revenge.

To change our eating habits we must take a long-term approach and begin with an internal shift, otherwise, results cannot last. First we make a paradigm shift inside by committing to a LIFESTYLE which is healthy, and then we change our diet. Knowing why we are choosing something creates emotional poise which in itself is a sign of good health.

True nourishment comes not only from food but also our attitudes concerning our food.

As we re-learn to engage with our food as passionate lovers with excitement, patience and pleasure, we absorb more life-giving energy from it. I believe that is why young people can get away with so many more indiscretions than can we- they simply love their food without all the hang-ups.

Even the simplest meal is an elegant feast if prepared and presented with love. So light a candle, arrange the flowers, and celebrate your life by savouring your food, be it raw or otherwise. Share the moment and ‘break bread’ with a friend (maybe even your best friend…YOURSELF!), a neighbour, or a stranger. Breathe in the fragrance, feast your eyes on the colors and enjoy every texture as it melts in your mouth- and by all means, use the ‘good’ dishes!


“All your past except its beauty is gone, and nothing is left but a blessing” – A COURSE IN MIRACLES

  • Be RADICALLY committed to your HIGHEST SELF
  • Find a ‘buddy’ to share the journey of health and fun
  • INVEST in YOU- through education, to learn what is available, possible, and what is for YOU: internet, books, tapes, DVDs, seminars. Use good tools.
  • Work with a COACH- Athletes and success-seekers all use coaches to leverage themselves, enabling them to SHIFT TO THE NEXT LEVEL.
  • Commit to one GREEN SMOOTHIE/GREEN JUICE everyday
  • Commit to one green salad everyday
  • Commit to drinking one glass of water upon arising BEFORE the cigarette, coffee, bagel or mad-dash out of the house
  • Commit to 20 minutes of fresh air daily- MINIMUM
  • Commit to getting ‘REGULAR’ ( I can help!)
  • Commit to getting enough sleep every night
  • Foster compassion and empathy for your past mistakes, and future ones
  • Foster compassion and empathy for animals, and children and our VIP senior citizens
  • Foster compassion and empathy for others who are on a different path and may not understand your path
  • GIVE THANKS for all that you are, all that you have RIGHT NOW
  • Commit to your heart, your truth, your purpose, and SMILE, LAUGH a lot, and realise it is ALL a CELEBRATION!
  • Now, what would a celebration be without the FOOD?

“Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon.” – H.H. DALAI LAMA

Shannon Leone is a Life Coach and author on the subject of conscious parenting and Raw Foods Diet. She is available for phone consultations and can be reached at 1-866-LEONE-11 (1-866-536-6311) or by email

From Wayne:

Please check her “Raising Children Raises Us” DVD on this page. When I first watched this DVD, this is what I wrote Shannon as my testimonial: “Raising Children Raises Us is a magical journey of raising your children the way we all wish we had been raised! Shannon is the mother we all dream of and her children are enchantingly charming.”

Wayne Gendel, Forever Healthy, Life Extension Specialist