QLink, guarding your well-being

by Wayne Gendel

Protect yourself from EMF Pollution caused by cell phones, computers, automobiles, TVs and more.
* EMF = electro-magnetic fields

QLink picks up your own frequencies and harmonizes them with the earth’s natural frequency, then amplifies them with electronic components to create a protective shield against environmental pollution. In this way the body’s energy field is combined with and reinforced by the earth’s harmonic resonance field helping one cope with energy overload.

QLink protects 4 feet in front and 7 feet behind when it is worn around the neck. It acts very much like a filter, reducing the harmful frequencies when they come within the protective radius of your body. Many people feel this difference right away and report a greater sense of well being. Common testimonials from clients: 1. Less fatigue, more energy, no longer depressed, no more food cravings. 2. Reports of clients wearing metals and walking through airport metal detection machines and not being detected!

There is a new breed of physician/healer, evolving today who seeks to understand the functioning of human beings from the revolutionary viewpoint that will give future doctors a unique perspective on the cause of disease. Humans, and for that matter, all life is comprised of subtle electrical fields, which control vital functions. The Human body is composed mainly of water, which is a strong conductor of electrical energy. Millions of electrical impulses regulate the activity of cells and basic functions of the human body.

Most people do not even realize how drastically and abruptly we as humans have changed the electromagnetic environment in just one century. For billions of years, the energies that surrounded the plant and animal kingdom were relatively simple. This consisted of a weak electromagnetic field modulated by micro pulsations and later a few weak radio waves. Today electromagnetic radiation spans an enormous range of frequencies. The shortest gamma rays, a tenth of a billionth of a millimeter long, vibrate six-tillion times a second! These along with x-rays and the shortest ultraviolet wave-lengths, are termed “ionizing radiation”. Their high photonic energy can knock electrons away from atoms, creating highly reactive ions where they do not belong. Much of the damage from nuclear radiation is caused in this way.

The human species have changed the electromagnetic background more than any other aspect of the environment. For example, the concentration of radio waves around us is now 100-200 million times the natural level reaching us from the sun. There are three dangerous concerns that overshadow all others:

1. It has been conclusively proven that electromagnetic fields vibrating at about 35-75 hertz, even if they are weaker than the earth’s field, interfere with the cues, that keep our biological cycles properly timed, chronic stress and impaired disease resistance.

2. All available evidence shows that increasing electro-pollution causes cancer as well as serious reproductive abnormalities.

3. Electro-magnetic weapons that have been developed and are now being experimented with are manipulating our weather patterns and playing havoc with climatic conditions.

There are other dangers as well. All of our cities, by their nature “electrical centers”, are jungles of interpenetrating fields of radiation that completely drow out the earth’s background throb or natural frequency. Since the beginning of life on earth, all living things have been tied and bathed in the natural rhythmic pulsations of the earth’s natural frequencies of 7.83 hertz (the Schumann Resonance). The presence of abnormal man-made fields which are around the ranges of 50-60 Hertz is producing serious alterations in basic life functions.

Dr. R. Becker in his book about EMFs mentions people who develop an allergy to electromagnetic fields, condition known as “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome” triggered by devices such as TV, telephones, stereos, computers and heaters. The symptoms range from fatigue and confusion to depression and other neurological responses. According to Dr. C. Norman Shealy who is the founder of the Holistic Medicine Association and a world renowned neurosurgeon, electro-magnetic fields may be the most pervasive and least recognized form of pollution.

Chronic fatigue, headaches, sleeplessness, depression and allergies all may be caused by EMFs. Chronic exposure to irregular fields is profoundly effecting the human biological system, creating disturbances in the natural biological cycles. Although it is very difficult to avert from these electrical anomalies, protection is a required measure and should be taken seriously. The evidence to date suggests that our own electro-magnetic pollution is presenting us with two-fold challenge by weakening our immune system and strengthening our diseases. Disruption of the bio-cycle timing cues must inevitably make it harder for the body to regulate the mitotic rate of its cells.

All organisms have natural oscillation and function best at their own frequency. Everything in our bodies have different vibrations and when they interfere with natural harmony, disorder and disease occur. Spending just a few hours in an airplane is chemical stress equal to smoking 200 cigarettes. Electro-magnetic fields in our environment affect our health, the way we think and the way we feel, and steal from us our precious sense of well being.