Magnetic Energy Cup Press Release

Published in Vitality Magazine, October 2001

Now available in Canada and the United States is a new, easy and effective way to use and benefit from magnetic therapy by drinking magnetized liquids from the Magnetic Energy Cup.

“The easiest (…form of magnetic therapy) treatment is (drinking) magnetized water, which is energy-building, activating, cleansing and detoxifying. Magnets actually change the nucleus of water” Dr. Klaus Kronenberg, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona California

Magnetic therapy has been used for centuries by Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese for eye problems, female disorders and wound healing. The famous physician, Paracelsus, said: “magnet is the king of all secrets”. Magnets have been popular in Asia and Eastern Europe for the past decade and just now becoming popular in North America. Magnetic health products is now a $3 Billion a year industry!

By holding purified water, fresh juice or herbal teas in the Magnetic Energy Cup for 5 minutes or more, your liquids become restructured, ‘living’ and charged with energy. The magnets in the Magnetic Energy Cup can change the actual structure of liquids, increase the negative ions (good ions), make the liquids more alkaline and increase the amount of oxygen available for your cells. Another measured benefit of magnetized water is that its surface tension is lowered, which makes the water absorb much easier through the human membranes. What actually happens is that water gains ‘living’ liquid energy!

“Magnetic therapy increases the amount of oxygen to the cells” William Philpott M.D. of Choctaw Oklahoma

On a cellular level, older, diseased or sick cells or tissues have a low magnetic charge. The liquids from the Magnetic Energy Cup becoming charged, can flush cellular wastes because they posses strong negative magnetic field, and can function as an anti-biotic and anti-viral in helping to destroy viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Because the properties of liquids are enhanced and charged with energy they can now act as an anti-oxidant every time you drink.

“Magnetized water increases the solubility of minerals and therefore improves the transfer of nutrients to all parts of the body making the organism work more efficiently” Professor Israel Lin, of the Israel Institute of Technology

The benefits of drinking magnetized liquids can be the following:

· Relief from digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea, ulcers and colitis
· Improved blood circulation
· Dissolving of kidney and gall-stones
· Improvement in bronchitis, bladder infections, eye problems, high and low blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, asthma, colds, sore throats and fevers.
· Reduced acidosis in the blood and tissues and balanced body’s PH (acid/alkaline level).
· Reduced arterial plaque and regulated heart function.
· Relieved pain from arthritis, PMS and lactic acid from strenuous physical workouts.
· Faster healing of skin wounds, burns, sores, infections

Magnetic water used on animals resulted in improved health, vitality, and increased the weight of livestock while reducing the amount of feed. Chickens better maintained weight, laid more eggs, lowered mortality rates and in a three-year study, cows yielded more milk, conceived more easily and were overall healthier with less illness. Magnetic water used with farmers resulted in faster growing crops that were more resistant to disease and yielded more and larger produce with less fertilizer.

The Magnetic Energy Cup has won hundreds of awards in Health Shows in Asia and Europe and have to date sold over 30 million units.