Life Extension Interview with Wayne Gendel

by Frederic Patenaude

What is a life extension specialist?
A Life Extension Specialist studies all aspects and lifestyle factors related to a human being living to their maximum age potential. I actually give credit for that title to two people. One is Paul Bragg who was the first author I read on health. He called himself that and, since he died at 92 surfing, I feel he is well qualified to use that title! Second is Dr. Roy Walford. He has performed a study confirming that he could extend the lifespan of animals with CR (Calorie reduced) diet. He has given great credibility to the possibility of humans living beyond 170 years of age.

Tell us one thing you think would surprise people about life extension. 
Living long and healthy has many factors. What is so exciting is that in my opinion we have almost total control of how long we live. I have heard of people living over 200 years of age. I look at Jack Lalane who is over 90 and likely the strongest person in the world for his age group. He was setting records.

What’s the best way to have beautiful, healthy looking skin with few or no wrinkles? 
Without a doubt 5 things are crucial.

  1. Eliminate….table SALT!  The occasional, and I mean 1-2x a week, use of a little Celtic or Himalayan salt is ok. All salt draws moisture from the body. Not only does it constipate us, cause irritation because it is so acidic, but also 1 ounce of sodium chloride, which I refer to as synthetic salt, retains 1lb of water in the body!
  2. Consume 80% of your diet of raw fruits and veggies! It’s absolute magic! The natural balance of minerals in fruits and vegetables flushes old toxic acidic buildup from our tissues and makes our skin buttery soft.
  3. Eat healthy raw fats and avoid trans and cooked fats. You can tell when someone eats too much fried or trans fat foods. Those people that have deep pores or crater like pot marks in their facial skin usually eat too much trans fats and/or smoke. Often both.
  4. Eat plenty of beta carotene in the form of dark leafy greens. My skin feels like when I was 20 years old! Super buttery soft! Even my feet are soft! Eat plenty of mineral rich dark greens! Here is a great skin test to see if your skin is still youthful. Lay one hand flat on a table. With the other hand lightly pinch the skin and pull the skin straight up on the back of the hand lying flat. If your skin is not youthful it will slowly go back and look wrinkled. If your skin is youthful it will go right back like an elastic band.
  5. Dry skin brush. Use a vegetable bristle brush. It takes 5 minutes 5-6x a week, first thing in the morning. Hundreds of my female clients say they no longer use moisturizer on their body after skin brushing for only 1 week! And never use it again.

Link here to read about all the incredible benefits of dry skin brushing.

What’s the best way to avoid degenerative diseases? 
#1 is keeping your body alkaline and acid balanced. The factors that keep your body alkaline balanced can range from diet to emotions to environmental conditions. We will cover all these factors in depth at our upcoming live teleconference.

What have you done differently that has been successful in helping people live long, healthy lives?
#1 is a healthy diet. When you eat healthier your mood, your spirituality, even your compassion for yourself and others improves. It is magical how fast the human body responds to proper nutrition! The 3 most common health conditions contributing to degenerative disease are:

  1. constipation
  2. over acidity
  3. blood sugar imbalance

I would say this leads to people being irritable, angry and having aches and pains. Just look at people walking down the street. How many are smiling? How many look stressed and unhappy? Well, after a short period of time on a healthier diet the blood sugar gets balanced and the bowel starts moving properly. Hello smiles!  And they will have a glow in their eyes! Then there is advanced goal of bringing about true happiness. This is a universal law. We will share this secret in the teleconference.

Give us 5 quick tips about life extension? 

  1. Don’t overeat.
  2. Eat 80% fresh raw ripe plant foods
  3. Remain positive about life! Never let people or governments or any challenges in life beat you. There is one word that is a major common factor in the longest lived healthiest people regarding this important element in living long and healthy. We will share this in the Life Extension teleconference. “It’s not how far you fall; it’s how high you bounce!
  4. Get plenty of rest. Our bodies can handle stress; they just cannot handle infinite amounts of chronic dis-stress!
  5. Get 20 minutes minimum daily of fresh air and sunshine

What’s the easiest thing we can do right now to look younger?  
Hands down eat 80% fresh raw ripe organic plant foods. And do not overeat!
But I would also make one other very important point. Find your dharma (life purpose) and fast! When you have purpose in your life to share your gift, then you have a goal of a lifelong purpose. I think most people are stressed so much living a life they are not truly happy living! Unhappy jobs. Excess stress. Little exercise. Getting caught up in society instead of following their heart. In certain long lived cultures the eldest are greatly respected. They are looked upon for guidance and direction. This could be 1 major reason why they live so much longer. They are truly needed and respected. One of the Ten Commandments says: “Thou shall honor thy father and thy mother”. My interpretation of life’s purpose is growth. When we stop growing, we stop living. Always strive to learn and grow and share and give back.

Please follow this link to listen to audio intro from Wayne Gendel and to learn more about the upcoming live teleconference on Life Extension!