Infants Eating Fries and Drinking Soft Drinks?

A survey of 3,000 children aged four to 24 months revealed that U.S. infants are eating many of the junk foods as their parents. Researchers found that infants are eating few fruits and vegetables and are instead eating diets laden with candy, soft drinks and junk food. They found that:

• French fries are the most popular vegetable eaten by children aged 19 to 24 months
• About 25 percent of children did not eat any healthy vegetables on the day of the survey
• Most infants between 19 and 24 months old ate sweets at least once a day
• Infants seven months and older are being given soft drinks in their bottles


I am not surprised yet shocked to find this study! It is unfortunate so many parents are uninformed and some just irresponsible! There is so much education that still needs to be shared regarding optimum health.

This is considerably alarming when we understand that the number 1 and number 2 causes of aging are … stressed pancreas and being overweight. The latest studies show 64 % of Americans are overweight! Processed high glycemic foods are a BIG issue here!

The latest research shows that in most instances human blood is cleaner and people have more energy eating plenty of raw veggies, small amounts of fresh fruits, and small amounts of raw healthy fats, Spirulina and sea veggies. A dis-stressed pancreas is involved in almost any chronic illness such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, strokes and more!

We can avoid 95% of illnesses in my opinion, and live a longer healthier life. In the 60’, 70’s and 80’s someone living in Bombay India had a lifespan of 59-60 years of age! The oldest modern documented person was 122! (Article here)

What is the difference between living 60 years of age and living over 120 years old?

Well, now that we know humans can definitely live over 120 and if you have read my life extension articles or have a copy of my Life Extension manual, you will realize that we ALL do have a CHOICE! Sure you can follow the crowd, but remember there is a price to pay for this. A shorter unhealthier life!

As you know in North America if you follow the crowd you will end up like them as well! The ‘crowd’ will have a lifespan of about 75-80. Statistics show that if we follow the ‘crowd’ we’ll likely live the last 30 years of our life starting to get symptoms of a major health condition, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke or some debilitating life altering condition. The last 20 years of life for the average North American will be spent on medication. Some other cultures live long with little or no major illnesses.

Make the choice to live long and healthy! Please DON’T follow the crowd! The basics of living healthy are quite simple. Eat a healthy diet. Minimize pollution from personal care products and environmental situations. Keep emotionally happy! There are plenty of great resources for getting the health information you need. It’s easy to follow what others do. It’s just more fun to live longer and healthier!

Please Live Long and Forever Healthy!

Wayne Gendel