Heavy Metals – How to Avoid The Most Common Harmful Heavy Metals

By Wayne Gendel

The Heavy Metals we are talking about here are not Music to Your Ears! These heavy metals are silent killers! Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, Arsenic and Cadmium are the worst heavy metals we are exposed to in everyday life. Just mercury in our teeth is enough to put us over the FDA allowed mercury vapors in a workplace!

Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity can be the following:
Infertility, fatigue, ringing in the ears, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, hypo and/or hyper thyrodism, cancer, nervous system damage, low immunity, irritability, poor memory and more. Many of these heavy metals store in our fat tissue, organs and even our glands such as thyroid, adrenals, liver and others dramatically suppressing their functions.

Unfortunately women are much more susceptible than men due to the larger amount of personal care products they use. Pregnant women and infertile couples please take special note of the following!

Here are the most common sources of heavy metals and how to avoid them.

Most of the mercury, lead and aluminum we get in our bodies is from breathing polluted city air! Best ways to overcome this are having plenty of plants in your home and work place, a good quality air filter (Biozone Air Filters coming to Forever Healthy January 2004). Essential Oils are the most powerful natural air purifiers. Quality essential oils must not be heated, they should be diffused in a proper air diffuser!

There are a few natural farm raised fish available. Most farm raised fish is toxic! They consume polluted hormone induced feed! The lakes are often sprayed with pesticides which are loaded with heavy metals. The Best fish to consume are deep sea fish that are farthest away from pollution. Consuming organically farm raised fish is ideal. In the Toronto Canada area there is a fish brand called Highland Farms (not the grocery store!). Their fish is also available in better health food stores. It is a farm raised salmon and trout. No hormones, feed additives or pesticides are used.

The top 2 lowest heavy metal fish are:
Tilapia – grows to market weight in a mere six months and is highly disease-resistant.

The rest of the lowest polluted fish:
Orange Roughy, cod, flounder, haddock, halibut, herring, lobster, mahi-mahi, lobster, oysters, scallops, shrimp, canned tuna and other canned fish, whitefish, and farm-raised fish. However I do not recommend seafood shellfish as they are much harder to digest than just plain fish.

The highest levels of heavy metals in fish are in:
Swordfish, shark, tilefish, and king mackerel. Please avoid regular consumption.

Although there are articles stating that much of the mercury in fish is converted to methyl-mercury a much less harmful form than plain mercury, it is still best to follow safe guidelines.

Produce – Fruits and Veggies
Organic Organic Organic! Or Wildcrafted foods are best! Pesticides contain heavy metals! Commercial corn is often sprayed every 5 days with pesticides containing any one or more of the following:
Dithane M45, Maneb (75DF), Bravo 720, Penncozeb, Terranil and more. The side effects for example of Dithane M45 are paralysis in the legs of animals, tumors, birth defects, blood effects and conditions of the liver and endocrine glands. Gruesome to say the least! The world wide effects of cleaning up from these harmful pesticides is astronomical! Organic is infinitely cheaper for all of us in the long run!

Mercury fillings in teeth have been used for centuries. It is now not recommended for pregnant women and children. Composites and porcelain are best.

Bottom line here is DON’T! They are loaded with heavy metals, formaldehyde and more! It really is absolutely sad that humans do things like vaccines to one another! Long term use is linked to cancers, M.S., lupus, epilepsy, heart attacks, baldness and more. There are excellent books and websites educating the public on this very hazardous procedure.

Attain a healthy immune system by eating a healthy diet and natural supplementation using one or more of the following:
Immuno Care, Spirulina, Shawla Herbs and if needed you can use certain homeopathic remedies. Consult a naturopath or homeopathic physician.

Drink Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) water for the best all around water purification method. Crystal Ki is an excellent entry level R.O. water system. 2Pure H2O Vita Tech is the premier water purification system and the only system I have found that will eliminate all heavy metals as well as 99.9% of toxins in water all the time!

Glass and ceramic with lead free glaze are best. All metal cookware gives off metal ions!

Avoid metal as often as possible. I recommend wood cutlery and or chopsticks as the ultimate choice.

Personal Care Products – shampoo, toothpaste, perfumes, lotions…
The following are the best brands for purity:
Shawla Herbal Skin Care Products, Weleda, Dr. Hauschka’s, Aubrey Organics and Aromatherapist Essential Oils for perfume! Commercial perfumes are one of the most polluted products you can buy, and most do not list any ingredients. Remember your skin absorbs what goes on it! And if it is on your skin it goes into your liver and blood stream!

Where do you live and work? Are you close to a toxic dump, or a factory that has a lot of waste? This can also be a source of heavy metals.

Below is a testimonial from a client from Italy I helped a few years ago who had become bald and wanted my help. Through questioning him I found he lived near an area where there was industrial waste fallout. I helped him by boosting his immune system through diet, spirulina and herbs to cleanse his liver. Within a few months his friends had thought he was wearing a toupee. But to everyone’ surprise he had grown a full head of hair back! (We have the pictures on file, as he visited Toronto before and after).

I, Franco Risi, confirm that the program recommended by Wayne Gendel has been very beneficial for my health and has helped me grow my hair back from being totally bald, after only six months of following his dietary and supplement guidelines. I have enclosed the following photos before Wayne’s recommendations and the photos six months after being on Wayne’s program. I had tried many other health professionals’ advice and Wayne Gendel’s program was the only one that helped. Best regards, Franco Risi. This letter was translated from Italian to English. May 1997.

Best Foods to Remove Heavy Metals:
Wheatgrass – juice and powders
Raw Green Leafy Vegetables – juices and whole
Raw fats – hemp oil, avocado, coconut oil/butter
Seaweeds – dulse, kelp, nori …
Raw fruits

The Final Words
If you have symptoms of heavy metal poisoning they can be very challenging to correct. If you have mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth, I highly suggest finding a competent dentist to replace them with safer alternatives such as porcelains or composites. Please try to eliminate the harmful sources of heavy metals in your life. If you do not have any health issues then try to remove them from your life over a period of a 1-2 months. Please do not delay! This is not the way to get minerals into your body! Other cultures around the world with little incidences of illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, strokes… do NOT use the common harmful products that North Americans use!

For a complete list of products to avoid, and where to buy good substitutes, please purchase the Forever Healthy Life Extension Manual. Regularly $10, on sale for $7.50 (25% off) Guaranteed to save you money, time and extend your life!

Please Live Forever Healthy!

Wayne Gendel