EMF Protection

by Wayne Gendel

I have been a major advocate of protecting oneself from the modern day high EMF (Electronic Magnetic Frequency) pollution exposure to electronics. There are a few simple steps we can take to protect ourselves in today’s world of over exposure to EMF pollution.

Symptoms of over-exposure are reduced physical energy, poor mental focus and concentration, chronic fatigue, poor sleep. Scientific studies, in the last two decades, report an increase health risk associated with EM waves. The following are a few more product specific issues:

MICROWAVE Indigestible protein, increased cholesterol, hemoglobin problems, decreased lymphocytes and increased leukocytes causing stress, blurred vision, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, hair loss, muscle and heart problems, cancerous growths and memory loss.
COMPUTER Increased risk of miscarriage, drowsiness, chronic aches and pains, sleep disorders, loss of energy, increased risk of cancerous cells, strain, stress and muscle disorders associated with the eyes, wholes in contact lenses, hypertension, erratic hear beat, throat and thyroid,
severe headaches, dizziness and loss of memory, and decreased libido.
CELL PHONES Insomnia, headaches, memory loss, dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating, respiratory problems, sinusitis, nosebleeds, hair loss, eye problems, ringing in the ears and an increase in brain tumors and aneurisms.
‘Dr. DeVita, Sabina M., (2000) , ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION, A Hidden Stress to Your System, Stewart Publishing Co., Ontario-Canada



Eating a healthy diet including Spirulina/Chlorella is excellent at removing even radioactive elements from our bodies, supports thyroid.

SeaVegetables – dulse, nori, kelp – alginic acid removes radioactive elements, helps support Thyroid. Removes excess unhealthy fats from our livers.

Organic Foods – proven to have more vitamins, minerals…. Better nutrition, stronger immune system.

GMO Foods = Eating them weakens the immune system!!!

70% of packaged food is GMO (genetically modified organisms) There is not one instance where GMO food is superior to quality organic food. Harmful to our environment, low nutrition, GMO foods are one of the biggest travesties happening in our food supply ever! Reference: Green Live Food Cuisine, Gabriel Cousens

Living Raw Foods – 80% or more of our diets should be Whole Organic Pure Fresh Ripe Raw Plant Foods!

COMPUTERS – (I am a bit of a techie and love staying current with computers technology)

  • LCD flat panel monitors/screens emit less EMFs than the larger CRT monitors.
  • Keep the tower at least 3 feet away.
  • Use Metal casing for your towers as they shield the EMF better than plastic.


  • Purchase cell phones the have a speaker phone built in for hands free use. Keeping a cell phone at least 6 inches or more away from our ears and heads will help avoid the harmful radiation.
  • Use a headset when using a speaker phone is not possible.
  • Minimize use to only a minute or two at a time.


Home – your home should be situated at least 2 or more homes away from Street Power Transformers. Studies show increased risk of cancers especially for children under 18.

TV – keep at least 10 feet away. LCD panels emit less EMF’s than traditional CRT monitors.

Clock radios – at least 3 feet away (battery operated produce much less EMF)

Cordless Phones- get models with speakers phones in the handset. Keep away from the head or use a headset.

Microwave Ovens – not recommended! EVER!don’t even use them for a clock! A. they are harmful to you as they ALL leak! B. they alter food in a harmful way! They do NOT improve foods in any way! Also see:

Wayne’s Final Thoughts

In addition to simple preventative steps to reduce EMF pollution, I highly recommend 2-3 products (see below) that have scientific studies showing protection from EMF pollution.

EMF pollution is a legitimate threat to our health. Cancer rates are much higher in countries that have modern electronics. I hope you try some of these simple yet effective techniques and products!


2. TACHYON – a. Cell & Cordless Phoneb. Computer and Fuse Box Disks


Indirectly … QRAY emits negative (good) ions through the meridians of our bodies helping to counteract positive ions. Although great for pain and physical performance, QRay can indirectly strengthen our bodies.

by Wayne Gendel