Custom Shower Filter Reviews

The shower filter surpassed my expectations. works like a charm, it does everything it said it would do.
Frank N.
United States, 4/14/2020​
Love my filter!! Can’t live without it ! Had this filter in South Fl and now have it in my new home in North NJ.
Judy P.
United States, 11/08/2019
THIS IS AMAZING! They were super speedy getting my item out to me, and answered any questions I had in order to make the decision… It was easy to install, it works great and the instructions were soooo easy to follow.
Wendy B.
United States, 06/21/2019
Great shower filter. Best I've ever bought. Definitely recommend to anyone who'd thinking about investing in a shower filter.
Erica Z.
United States, 11/25/2018
I absolutely love my Shower Filter. The filter leaves my hair and skin feeling soft.
Beth P.
United States, 03/28/2018
Excellent value I really like the filter and shower head. …The pressure with your shower head is great - the massage feels amazing. Very pleased with the quality
Anne M.
United States, 03/13/2020
We are happy with the shower filter so far so far so good , skin seems much softer…
Kelly S.
United States, 09/07/2019
Great and easy installation. Easy and fast to put this in! I'm a huge fan, skin already feels better after just a week! We use the shower head in our shower and the tub filter for our toddler. We love it since the tap water here is dangerous. You can even smell how clean the water becomes. It also increased the water pressure from the original fixture!
Lindsay B.
United States, 04/29/2019
The shower filter works very well.
Steven S.
United States, 06/16/2018
My skin is so happy. This is the best ever! I never realized how bad our water was till I showered with this shower filter. WOW what a difference. Everyone should have one
Patti O.
United States, 02/11/2018
Third Filter and Love It! This is my third purchase. We have 1 bath filter and 2 shower filters. We have loved them from the first use! Aside from the added safety this gives my family, I could immediately tell a difference in our hair and skin. I also don’t have that orange film all over our showers and bath anymore! We are definitely lifelong customers.
Lisa C.
United States, 03/08/2020
Feeling better already! I’ve just received my new filter and installed today. I know this probably sounds silly, but with just one use, I feel cleaner and healthier. I’ve wanted to install a shower filter for years. So thrilled I found one that is so easy to install and use!
Ellen T.
United States, 01/04/2019
Excellent! Love the shower filter, this is my second purchase, very happy with it. You definitely feel a difference in your skin!
Elaine T.
United States, 04/10/2018
Clean and strong. Fit great and strong pressure! I actually kept my original head and just used the filter. No more chlorine!!
Stephanie B.
United States, 12/14/2017