Crystal Ball for the Bath

The new Series 3000

The Crystal Ball® for the Bath is an entirely new concept in removing chlorine from your bath water. Your skin can return to its natural organic balance. 

The new Series 3000 is larger, has more media, an increased water flow and a new latching system..

Bathing Babies

The Crystal Ball for the Bath is very effective for bathing babies in small tubs or basins (approximately 3 to 5 gallons). 

A baby’s delicate skin is greatly benefited by removing toxic chlorine.

Follow these steps: 

  1. Fill your tub or basin with the bath water at your required temperature. 

  2. Place the Crystal Ball for the Bath into the water and swirl the ball through the water for 2 to 3 minutes. If you need more hot water just swirl the Crystal Ball for the Bath for a few more seconds. 

  3. Important: Remove the Crystal Ball for the Bath from the tub or basin before placing the baby in the water. While completely safe, the Crystal Ball for the Bath is not a tub toy. 

  4. Simply hang the Crystal Ball for the Bath up to dry after using. 

Healthier Bathing!

Dechlorinate your bath water with the Crystal Ball for the Bath by placing it into the tub and pulling it through the water with the attached 12-inch cord for 5 to 7 minutes or longer. As chlorinated water flows through the filament the dissimilar metals in KDF®-55, (copper and zinc), create a galvanic or electrolytic reaction which causes the two chlorine ions to form a harmless chloride. It changes the chlorine from an element into a harmless compound.

  • Healthier, younger looking skin.
  • Your skin feels better
  • Relief from dry, itchy skin.
  • Improves lathering and sudsing with Crystalline quartz.
  • Safe for infants, adults and pets.
  • Non toxic
  • Long Lasting
  • No plumbing or fittings. Just place in bath water
  • Removes 90% up to 100% of free chlorine for a healthier bath in minutes
  • Longer exposure, 7 plus minutes plus, will reduce chlorimine by approximately 25% to 30%
The Crystal Ball for the Bath is also very effective for adult baths as well. 


Follow these steps: 

  1. Turn on the tub faucet and immerse the Crystal Ball for the Bath in the water to thoroughly wet the fabric bag. This speeds up the water flow through the media pouch. Adjust your water temperature to 105 to 110 degrees F, or even warmer.

  2. After filling the tub, swirl the Crystal Ball for the Bath through the tub for about 2 to 3 minutes. In the time it takes to complete steps #2 and #3, chlorine and chloromines should have been reduced by 90% or more. 

  3. To achieve 100% chlorine removal take the Crystal Ball for the Bathout of the tub to avoid any chance of stepping on it and then return the Crystal Ball for the Bath to the water after you are in the tub. You can swirl the Crystal Ball for the Bath through the water for another minute or two. You can return the Crystal Ball for the Bath to the tub if you add more water. 

  4. After your bath, hang the Crystal Ball for the Bath on the faucet or a hook to dry.

How It Works

When water comes in contact with the media filament inside the fabric pouch, the chlorine ions in the water are converted into a harmless chloride. The toxic effects of chlorine, chloramines, and chlorine gas are eliminated with the aid of a special media called KDF-73 in filament form. The media is 70% pure copper and 30% pure zinc. Chlorine is removed quickly when thCrystal Ball for the Bath is circulated through the bath water. The crystalline quartz mixed with the media reduces the molecular structure of water into smaller clusters enhancing sudsing and lathering of soap.

Filter Media

Filter Media: 1 1/2 oz. KDF Formula 73 Copper-Zinc filament and 
1 oz. Virgin American Crystalline Quartz. 


Note 1:  For best results, do not hang ball from spout while filling tub.

Note 2:  When using bubble bath, oils, Epsom salts, etc, be sure to add them  AFTER  your dechlorination is complete. 

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Replaceable Filter Media

Suggested replacement is 200 baths or one year, whichever comes first.

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