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Hi, I am Jayme here. I visited your websites and trust me it was outstanding. You guys are doing a fabulous job.

I thought I must drop a line of appreciation to you. Keep up the great work.

Your site has inspired me a lot.

Regards, Jayme D

Hi Wayne,

I hope you’re as busy as you were when I saw you last week, in a good way of course. I wanted to follow up with you on the raw food samples I brought by for my new raw foods snack business. I hope you enjoyed it all, that is, after all, the point of great raw food! Let me know what you thought. I am new to all this so I could use your constructive criticism so I can sell my new raw foods. I’m going to write the short blog up soon, for your E-letter so I can introduce my raw foods. And thank you again for all your support. I appreciate it so much. Im just starting out in this crazy new venture that I LOVE, and you’ve been a great inspiration to me and will continue to be, I’m sure! We’ll talk soon. Take care,

Kerry Ford, Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hi There!

Upon visiting your amazing website, and in the midst of attending ICYAS for yogic nutrition and yoga certification and just coming from a David Wolfe seminar (unbelievable!) I’m very interested in when you’re offering your next Holistic Practitioner training course and other details (length of course etc.) Any info you can provide would be great. And look forward to receiving your letter. Thanks for the help – you do inspiring work – and you can quote me on THAT TOO!


Kerry Ford, November 8, 2005

Hello Wayne,

Just wanted to say it was great to meet the both of you on Wednesday at BMS. I finally got a chance to take a look at your website and I am impressed. I’ve listed it in my favorites, I am like yourself and enthusiastic about Raw foods. I may not always eat raw but I try to as much as possible. Your seminar series looks very interesting as well, I am definitely going to try to attend. Anyhow thank you for exposing me to what you do, it is much appreciated. It’s great to see others who share a great passion for natural health care. Take care and see you soon,

Marisol Teijeiro, September 2, 2005

Hi Wayne,

It’s Sunday morning and I decided to check out your website. I am usually out walking at this time of day, but I have been on your site for nearly 2 hours and couldn’t tear myself away. I have bookmarked it for future reading. I am writing you to tell you how impressed I am with the site, the info, product availibility, services, testimonials, workshops etc.etc. and of course you. It is evident how much you really believe in and care for the lifestyle you have chosen to follow and share.

It really touched my heart when I read the testimonial from Issy. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 6 years since he passed away. It was always a joy to stop at his place and chat with him when I delivered his sprouts. He was so full of life and desire and hopeful that he had beaten the odds.

I stopped growing sprouts (as a business) when I decided to return to work full-time. I work as a teacher in the public school system and support children who are slow learners. This year, I taught the children in our environmental club all about growing sprouts at home. The children were so enthusiastic. I really saw how the children glowed when they learned things that they loved. They soak up new knowledge like a sponge.

I look forward to receiving your newsletter and hope to attend some of your upcoming lectures.

Wayne, I don’t think I ever acknowledged you properly for all the sprout clients you sent my way. So please accept my belated heartfelt thanks and appreciation now. I got very busy, very quickly! Hope to you see you in the near future.

Sincerely, Fran Fainer, August 14, 2005

Hi Wayne!
I am a fan of your e-newsletters and learn something new each time I read them. They are certainly informative! Thank you!
Naomi, July 12, 2004

Dear Wayne,
Am I ever able to relate to your introductory paragraph “Is this for real? Am I dreaming?” Your words made me feel better when I needed them because this morning within one hour an appointment to take my car in for a checkup (I was assured that the shop would be open on Thanksgiving Monday) was not honoured and a friend did not keep a promise. You made my day! Thank you.
Ada van der Munnik, October 13, 2003

“Thanks for your answer; I believe in what you say, as you can see when I am suscribed
to your free newsletter and read your web usually. Again, thanks Wayne for spending your time with me; you are doing good work, and your’s is one of the web sites I like most.”
William Bragg, Spain, October 2003

Dear Wayne,

Thank you very much for all your e-mail messages. I really appreciate them and find them very helpfull and informative. Also, I would like to thank you for posting the Raw Food Support Group phone number on the blackboard the first time I met you at your U of T lecture. You have such a positive influence on my life. I feel very fortunate to have met you and very grateful for all you do. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Yours truly,
Sanya Abuzinadah January 6, 2003

Thank you for your newsletters. They are always interesting and informative.
Nadica Sloan, January 29, 2002

Hello, I thought I would take a moment out of this, our busy mornings, like everyone, and congratulate you, on a wonderful interesting Firever Healthy site, WOW, what great stuff. Wish everyone, especially we women could see, and follow your well founded advice. I have enjoyed everything I have read thus far. Again, sincere congratulations on your great work for us, your public. Sincerely with thanks,
Marsha Adams

Thank you so much for posting this article! I’ve been using Equal for a couple of years now and have only heard rumors on the horrors of the FDA. Now after reading “It’s a sweet, sweet world” by Stas Zlobinski. I know just how sick our government really is and that I’ve been putting my health at risk. Sincerely,
Darryl Sanford

Hi Wayne, That is a great little newsletter!

Thanks Wayne for the Forever Healthy E-Letter, just love receiving them and such great information. Next move for John and I is to do something about the water. As you suggested to John, we should attend a cooking session again and that is probably a good idea as he has never been to one as I have so will try to attend in January. Have a great day,
H. Brindley

Hi Wayne and Stas, Just want to say that your e-mail is great. In the future sometime you will have to charge membership for your e-letters or something like that – they are valuable! So, Wayne I’m going to call for an appointment with you next week. Thanks,

Hi, Just to let you know I really appreciate your newsletter. And thank-you for the tip about the silk sheets and dust mites!
Karen Ryan

Hi Wayne, Just want to say thanks for sending me your E-Letter. It’s great!!! Please keep it coming. Hope you are well. Love,

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