AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler


Simple Low Cost, Eco-Friendly Solution for Home or Office Hard Water 

$275 USD or $295 CDN  + shipping


Eco-Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Salt Based Water Softeners


+ Soft water characteristics without salt or chemicals!
+ Reduces water spots on dishes and fixtures
+ Eco-Environmentally friendly
+ Can extend the life of a Reverse Osmosis water filter/membrane by up to 50%

Appliances & Plumbing

+ Dissolves and flushes out existing scale deposits Improving water flow in severely scaled systems.
+ Prevents unsightly scale on faucets, showerheads and toilets.
+ Extends useful life of your water heater, while saving money on energy costs
+ Saves septic systems or tile bed from the damaging effects of brine (backwash) from water softeners.
+ Works hand-in-hand with iron filters, ozone systems, and UV systems helping to keep these systems free of hard scale deposits and working properly so that they last longer.
+ Can also work in tandem with water softeners, reducing the amount of salt and backwashing required. Less strain on the softeners can reduce maintenance, extend the life expectancy and improve the efficiency of the system

Health Benefits

+ AquaMagna treated water is healthy for People, Pets, & Plants.
+ With no added chemicals or salt, the beneficial calcium and magnesium remain in the water making it healthier to drink.
+ Salt based water softeners add a significant amount of sodium into the water. Doctors advise patients with high blood pressure do not drink it.
+ The decreased surface tension of the treated water makes it easier to absorb by plants making them healthier while saving water.
+ Helps control algae & bacteria: Lime scale inside pipes and tubing provides a breeding ground for bio-growth. Because lime scale is prevented / removed by the AquaMagna system, bio-growth will be significantly reduced.
+ Reduces harsh affects of hard water on skin and clothing.
+ Itchy skin conditions including Psoriasis and Eczema are improved or eliminated.

Economic Benefits

+ ZERO operating cost. No maintenance or power to operate
+ Costs less than just the installation cost of a traditional water
+ Saves Energy on hot water heating bills – because each 1/8 inch of
   lime scale removed increases heating efficiency by 30%.

+ Saves Water – No regeneration required to back flush system as in
   a salt water softener or reverse osmosis system
+ $aves Money & Energy on  Water Softener electric bills!
+ Last A Lifetime, One time purchase! 

Environmental Benefits

+ The AquaAqua system uses no salt or harmful chemicals. Treated water is beneficial to vegetation and has been proven to increase plant growth.
+ No harmful discharge in our water sources such as wells, lakes, rivers, streams, and aquifers (salt based softeners have recently been banned in many communities in Texas, California, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Connecticut).
+ By eliminating the scale accumulated in hot water tanks and heating systems, heat transfer is optimized. This can save up to 30% in energy use. Less energy consumption means less greenhouse gases resulting in reduced global warming.

A No-Salt Water Softener system makes for healthier, cleaner water

We know healthier water contributes to overall good health. The AquaMagna system for magnetic water treatment uses a natural process—one that works effectively without the use of salt or other chemicals. This means your tap water will not affect your sodium levels.  

As well, our environmentally safe hard water conditioner prevents hard water minerals like calcium carbonate from crystallizing—or forming lime scale. Crusty, white scale deposits are easier to clean from fixtures, sinks and kettles soon after installation.  

Scale is removed from your pipes and hot water tank over time.  

In addition to saving money on system maintenance, with the AquaMagna magnetic water softener you will save money on home maintenance.  By preventing corrosion of pipes you can save a lot of money on potential plumbing issues in the future.  Having drains that don’t clog will also save you time, money and headache down the road.  

There are many different benefits to using a magnetic water softener. Not only will you be able to improve the feel, taste and smell of your water you can also improve your own health and ensure your home’s pipes, faucets and drains work well.  

Our AquaMagna system helps prevent grime and scale from forming in your home, which will make cleaning and maintaining your sinks, showers, toilets and bathtubs much easier. 

Simple DIY Installation

Household System – Contains two Sets (hot and cold water)

Pipe Location

​1.  Cold Water Line

Install one set (two halves) on the cold water pipe, after the water meter – and before the hot water tank inlet.

2. Hot water line

Install one set on the hot water outlet pipe. 

To Fasten

Simply align two half units opposing each other (units will repel). Loosely fasten bolt and wing nut through holes on one side of units.   Position around pipe and repeat procedure on other side. Tighten wing nuts so assembled set is secure and centered along pipe.    


Find answers to frequently asked questions about the AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler HERE.

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Image "Golden Waterfall", Webster's Falls in IR, Hamilton, Ontario, © Paul Bica April 17, 2015

April 17, 2015

We went with Wayne's recommendation to get the AquaMagna descaler instead of a water softener.

Wayne explained that the cost of the magnetic descaler was less than half the cost of a water softener and there is no cost to install the magnets.

As well there is no monthly costs for the salts and that the magnets were eco-friendly. So we installed them which took about 5 minutes. Previously, we would see and have to clean the scale build-up every 2 weeks.

Now after 4 weeks we still have no scale build-up! We are so excited and pleasantly surprised at the results.

Thank you so much,

~ Cindy W.

Image "Waterfall" © Bruno Caimi May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013

Hi Wayne:,

The magnets seem to be doing a great job as evidenced by the amount of soap I need to use.

I notice that when I boil now, there is some Ca residue which is left in the pot, but removes easier than previously without the AquaMagna whole house magnets.


~ Annette Langer

Earlier this year I purchased a set of magnets for my domestic water system from your company. I feel that I should let you know how well it is working. As you warned, it took a few months to clear the system of the calcium deposits.

I now have sparkling dishes, no more deposits in the hot water tank, tubs and sinks and taps without film or calcium deposits.

We are in cottage country just south of the French River, and have a drilled well.

Thank you once again for your great product, it has saved us putting in a water softener that would have ruined the good artesian well water that we enjoy, and not having to flush the water softener into our septic system and into the environment.

~ Erica B, Loring, Ontario

The installation of the magnets was simple. We started noticing a difference in just a couple days. The girls in the house have noticed the different feeling with washing their hair. All of our faucets have stayed free of hard water scale around them thus far. The difference is very noticeable. Our electric coffee pot has not needed a cleaning yet.

The big test was washing our black vehicle with our tap water. We would not even dare this before. It came out quite clean, and didn't leave real heavy water spots (no more than the softened water at the car wash).

Also, we were talking about the effects of hard water on baking. My wife has made some loaves of bread and definitely notices a different texture (holds together better) and more rising in the loaves.

I installed the vehicle magnet in my diesel Cummins powered truck also. It has made an improvement in power and mileage. It seems to have brought the power curve down about 150-200 rpm. It would start pulling about 1700 rpm, and is now about 1550 rpm. The mileage is up about 2.5 mpg. My Dad has a Freightliner highway tractor and we are going to switch the magnet to his truck to see the difference.

In all, we are very satisfied, and thank you again for the great product and service. With the reasonable price and good product, I am sure that you must sell a lot of units.

We have had other people interested in this product also when we told them it was all without having to put in water softeners. We may be calling for more units too.


~ Wade W, Grand Forks, B.C.

In less than one week after installing your magnetic water units, we have already seen a major difference in our water. The spots are not developing on the sink. The kettle is not scaling up like before. The shower and sinks are cleaner. And we can actually feel a difference in the way the water feels in the shower.

~ Darcy M, Desoronto, Ontario

Just letting you know how pleased we are with the “Water Magnet.” It exceeded our expectations by far and we noticed a great difference in our water almost immediately.

We also want to thank you for your excellent service, your concern to make sure to get what we were looking for and actually needed, and, finally, the punctual delivery of the product.

We are very glad to have chosen your product and will recommend it to anybody.

Thanks again, sincerely

~ Franz H

We're happy with how it not only softened the water a bit, but also eliminated the sulphur smell.

~ Linda R, Lanark, Ontario

Thank you very much. We received it early last week and we are very happy with it. I have been telling some neighbours and friends about it and they might be wanting one. Can they order from you as well?

This works very well since a lot of us live in the flood plain here in New Hamburg and we got hit hard last year. Our salt softeners were filled up with flood water and destroyed. This works just as well and up high, no worries. Anyway thanks again, its great.

~ Jim G, New Hamburg, Ontario

Just a quick note to say that the magnets seem to be working wonders. The dishwasher that my appliance repairman told me to replace is once again leaving the glassware spotless and gleaming. It may be wishful thinking, but the laundry seems softer and the water soapier when I wash my hands.

All in all, this was an excellent investment that installed extremely quickly and simply. Best of all, it avoided adding salt to our water, while keeping the calcium.

Thank you.

P.S. Since starting this research we have decided to move north of Toronto in the Oak Ridges Moraine part of Stouffville. The property is on a 60-foot well and has a water softener. What is the likelihood that the magnets would work there as well? I think I would like to leave the units I purchased behind when we sell here, since they made such a difference in the water quality, so I may be looking to buy another set.

~ Chris, London, Ontario

I installed the two sets of magnets you sent me in June of 2011. At that time I turned off the water softener in our house.

The results were actually very good. The first eight or nine months we noticed that we had to clean a small amount more than we did before, but household cleaners worked good. Before I installed the magnets I had a continuous problem with a toilet in our second bathroom. The float would stick on the calcium type build up on the tube that guides it up and down and it would sometimes run for hours at a time before being noticed. This has not happened even once since I installed the magnets.

The water is not as soft and silky as it was when we had the water softener but in my opinion the biggest test is the glasses that come out of the dishwasher, and they come out sparking every time.

I removed the water softener from our house in April 2012. It seems like the longer the magnets are in place the cleaner the water gets.

We no longer have to clean as often as we did the first few months. This product has saved me hundreds of dollars in water alone.

Lets not forget the impact on the environment from not flushing all that brine down the drain during softener regeneration.

Any way I just wanted to say thanks and let you know how your product work for me.

~ Steve S, Cambridge, Ontario

Just want to say thank you so much. What a huge difference in the water, just love it.

~ Karen, Cambridge, Ontario

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* The rate of Scale removal is greatly reduced and varies  depending on source water

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